What is a Soul Blueprint?

A soul blueprint is a container of highly detailed information and knowledge about your soul.  Your soul blueprint is not like anyone else’s.  No two are alike.  When you understand yourself at soul level, it’s easier to make new choices that are in alignment with your soul blueprint.  Living in alignment with your soul creates shifts.  Some subtle, some significant, depending on how out of alignment you’ve been living.

When you begin living in alignment with your soul, using the knowledge and information contained in your soul blueprint as a guide, you’ll have the key to your happiness and satisfaction in-hand.

Have you wondered why some of your friends manifest more quickly than you?  Likely, they figured out how to manifest in alignment with their soul blueprint.  When you make choices in alignment with your soul, you’ll manifest quickly, too.  Does it feel like someone or something is blocking or restricting you from feeling how you want to feel in life, or obtaining what you desire?  It could be that’s exactly what is happening and the details of that information from the present or past lives is available in your soul record.  Blocks and restrictions can be cleared in the process that I use, too.

I’ve been creating soul blueprints for clients for a decade, and every time I coach a client through the process, I’m amazed at how accurate the information is, and how beautifully it works.  My clients report that when they shift and realign with their soul, amazing things happen in both their personal and professional lives.

Making new choices in alignment with your soul is self-empowering.

Soul Realignment Results

Here are 2 examples of practical results reported from recent clients I coached through the process of realigning their lives using their soul blueprints as a guide.

Client #1 was overwhelmed with work that included long hours and loss of a personal life for never-ending months at a time.  She desired a more flexible lifestyle that included time for a personal life and creative self-expression.  Her idea was to do the same type of work to cover the bills, but less of it, while earning an income stream doing a different type of work that felt like a soul calling.  After understanding how she best operates from her soul blueprint, she made new choices that led to significant change.  She quit her overwhelming job, spent time thinking about what she wanted next, reorganized how she makes choices so they are in alignment with her soul and started seeing results.  She quit her job, and a few weeks later, was offered a part-time position at the same company with the hours she desired.  With her new free time, she could enjoy her personal life, while she began a business that included ways to express herself creatively.  In short, she got what she wanted once she realigned her choices to her soul and went through the soul realignment process with me to clear blocks and restrictions holding her back.

Client #2 was preparing herself for life as an empty nester, and wanted to create a new life in alignment with her soul blueprint.  At the top of her list was to support her last child at home through a final year of school and help identify a direction for this child to pursue into early adulthood.  Sound production was one of the areas of interest for this young person, and after going through the soul realignment process and consciously making new choices that aligned with her soul’s blueprint, a shift occurred and an opportunity for her child came along in the form of a connection to someone who knew of an internship for sound production.  Things developed quickly and in a matter of weeks, her youngest was offered the internship.  Not only did this client’s soul realignment support her desire for transformation and reinvention, but it included someone she loves and is connected to as a parent.

When you understand your soul blueprint, and go through the process of realigning yourself to your soul, blocks and restrictions are removed, and the right people, situations, and opportunities emerge more easily.  Of course, this isn’t luck.  This is co-creation with the Universe with your choices lined up with your soul blueprint.

Knowledge and information about your soul comes from your soul record which is accessible in the Akashic Record.  The Akashic Record is an energy field that acts like a database or library that holds the details of you, your soul, and your soul’s journey.  It’s all there!  Including the choices your soul has made, both past and present lives, that created blocks or restrictions that prevent you from realizing your full potential.

Soul Blueprint Details

When I create a soul blueprint for you, you’ll learn a lot about yourself & your soul including:

The special combination of characteristics, qualities, and abilities unique to your soul.

Your divine gifts and soul purposes.

Periods of history and mystical schools when your soul felt most self-expressed.

How your soul expresses itself creatively.

Your soul’s point of origin and details of your soul group.

Spirit guides present in your current life.

Choices made, both in past and present lives, that created blocks or restrictions to your soul alignment.

The state of your soul’s wholeness.

How to realign to your soul blueprint and make new choices that make life easier.

How I Can Help

You soul record contains a lot of information about you and your soul’s journey.  I navigate through the vast amounts of information available in the Akashic Records about your soul and extract the details outlined above.  Afterward, I send a pdf to you with all the information so you can read it in advance before we meet for a coaching session.  In the coaching session, I answer your questions, and help you understand how you can shift into alignment and stay there!

If you’re ready now to work with me on discovering more about your soul, click here to schedule your session and purchase a Soul Blueprint: