Access your soul’s Akashic Record f0r guidance, information, and illumination to questions you have about yourself and your life by listening to this audio recording I created to help you.

  You’ll also learn how to format your questions so you receive clear guidance that’s practical and useful for making new choices.

Journey to Your Soul’s Akashic Record Audio Training



Access a transcription of the audio training by clicking here:

Journey to Your Soul’s Akashic Record Audio Training Transcription

Your Soul Blueprint is a container of knowledge with detailed information about your soul that I gather energetically from your soul’s Akashic Record.

Using your Soul Blueprint as a guide to design your life effectively helps you stay in alignment with your soul as you make new choices or decisions.

By making choices that are in alignment with the characteristics, values, abilities, and divine gifts of your soul, a more exciting, fulfilling, satisfying life can be created; one where your soul feels self-expressed by everything you do.

Your Soul Blueprint helps you:

Better understand your divine nature, the one that extends beyond the physical world.

Realize how you are the curator of your contentment through choice.

Gain clarity about your soul purpose.

Know the qualities, values, and abilities particular to your soul.

See a way to embrace your natural gifts in service to yourself and others.

Watch this video where I describe the details of what you’ll learn in your soul blueprint, how it can create positive shifts in your life, and examples of the results some of my clients received once they shifted into soul alignment with their soul blueprint as a guide.


Your soul blueprint includes an energy clearing and coaching session with me, too.  If you’re ready to deep dive into your soul, click here to purchase: