Online courses are a great way to learn at your own pace.  My courses are self-study programs you can access anywhere in the world from your devices.  Each course is stepping stone in your personal & spiritual development to help you in practical ways to create a life you love and feel like you are truly living.

If you have any questions about the courses, or are wondering which one is best for you now, schedule a free discovery call with me so I can help!

Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

Learn to connect and communicate with your spirit guides for guidance, comfort, and peace.

Awaken Your Natural Intuition

Learning to use your intuition will make your life easier.  Intuition delivers guidance to you through your physical and intuitive senses whenever you need it.  Everything I know about intuition is inside this course.  I created it to help you gain confidence by learning to trust yourself and your intuition to create a life you love.  You’ll learn practical techniques; see results immediately; and begin to live life in the flow.

Discover Your Intuitive Senses

Discover which of your intuitive senses are already awakened and delivering intuitive information and guidance to you daily.  This short course is an experience!  You’ll also learn more about how your intuitive senses are different than your five physical senses, yet similar.  Experience your intuition right away with this course.

Manifesting Your Desires

How good are you at manifesting your desires? Do you usually get what you want?  I do!  I’ve manifested income, vacations, friendships, taxis in remote locations, opportunities, relationships, mentors, parking spaces, flights, and more, and so can you!  In this course, I guide you through the process of basic manifesting so you can stop wishing and getting more of what you want now.

Learn to Meditate

Learn to Meditate is a self-guided tour through a variety of different types of meditation techniques and tools.  You’ll learn how to use your breath, how to use visual objects, sound, chant, and nature to help you meditate, and how to expand your practice to include gathering intuitive guidance and healing work.  This is an e-book, video class, with supporting guided audio and visual meditations.