Peace. Answers. Clarity. Confirmation. Love. Support. Closure. Illumination. Understanding. Healing. Guidance. Information. Perspective. Options. Insight. Connection. Soul Purpose. Revelation. Discoveries. Confidence. Relief. Knowledge. Grace. Useful. Inspiration. Surprise. Delight. Enlightening. Hope.

Those are the words I hear most often from my clients about the benefits of my sessions.

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All sessions are paid in advance when you schedule your appointment and you will receive a receipt for your payment which is also your confirmation.  You may also change your appointment yourself, if necessary. If you have any questions, please contact me!

Private Sessions by Appointment

Private Sessions are 60 minutes by appointment over Skype or Telephone.

Your Private Session may include one or a mix of Intuitive Guidance, Coaching for Your Soul™, Oracle Cards, Mediumship, and Energy Clearing.

When you schedule your appointment, you’ll also be asked to answer a few questions on what you would like to focus on in our time together.

Perhaps you have a decision to make and would like intuitive guidance before making your choice.  Or, you are ready to connect with a loved one who transitioned to the Light.  You might feel the need for an energy clearing.  Maybe you would like to consult your soul’s record in the Akasha to realign with your soul purpose.  You may want to focus on an Oracle card spread for guidance to help you navigate the months or year ahead.  If you’re trying to figure out your next step in your journey, you may want an intuitive coaching session to support you in discovering your next step and taking action to manifest your desires.  These are examples of the types of situations that are reviewed in a Private Session by Appointment.

Cost: $225


Soul Blueprint

Discover who you are at soul level, in detail, with a Soul Blueprint.

When you sign-up for this session, we’ll meet for a 60 minute appointment after I gather information from your soul’s Akashic Record to identify your divine gifts that, when expressed, lead to a clear path and connection to your soul purpose.  You’ll also receive details about your soul profile and the characteristics of your soul that are uniquely your own.

The benefit of this type of soulwork is that I also see blocks and restriction that may have caused your Soul to “go off the rails”, causing it’s separation and disconnection from it’s divine nature. Alignment, and realignment, with your soul purpose creates natural abundance because you are expressing the soul in a way that fulfills it’s original purpose.  It’s empowering because you are free to make new choices that line-up with your soul purpose and divine nature. An immediate shift takes place when your soul is realigned to it’s point of origination.  You’ll manifest your intentions and desires more quickly.  The people, places, situations, and history that has held you back begins to leave your life, sometimes instantly. All that serves you and supports you begins to come forward into your life and journey.

I do the work in your soul’s records in the Akasha, and mail, or email, a 25+ page report for you to read.  After that, we schedule an appointment to meet on Skype or Facetime or Telephone to discuss the findings and answer your questions.

Your Soul Blueprint will take about 3 weeks for me to complete. Our follow-up meeting is 60 minutes.

Your 25+ page Soul Realignment Report includes:

Your Soul Profile including your Energy Centers, Divine Gifts, Periods of History & Mystery Schools when your soul was most positively expressed.

Your Spirit Guide Team.

Your Soul Group of Origination and the characteristics of that group.

Your Soul’s State of Being and the presence of compassionate connections, curses, soul contracts, entity and though form attachments, soul facet loss or additions, connections to portalways and astral travel, bindings, spells, vows, programs running from past lives.

Your Soul Stories from past lives and the choices your soul made to create your current state of affairs.

Your Life’s Major Lesson.

Your choices made that are causing current life blocks and restrictions to your connection to Divine Source and Order, and how you may participate in the clearing and realignment of your soul to it’s point of origin with new choices.

A Clearing of your Soul’s Record to the point it is able to do so at that time so your new choices will bring into your life that which best serves you and your soul in it’s alignment with original soul purpose.

You will receive all of this information about your Soul Profile in writing so you may refer to it, plus a 60-minute follow-up appointment to ask your questions.

Soul Blueprints are presented in written form with a 60 minute follow-up appointment scheduled for your questions. Delivery of your Soul Blueprint will be as a pdf and takes approximately 3 weeks to receive.  Your personal appointment with me will be scheduled after delivery of the pdf.

Cost: $377


Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching is a 70 minute session on Skype or Telephone focused on clarifying the characteristics of your soul and your soul purpose.  Before our appointment, I access your soul’s records in the Akashic Records to gather information about your soul profile and it’s current state of alignment with it’s original, soul purpose.  I share the findings with you on our appointment.

Revealed are blocks and restrictions that may be keeping you from manifesting your best life; past life histories that illuminate choices your soul has made that continue to effect your incarnation negatively so you may begin to make better choices in alignment with your soul purpose.

You will also learn of your soul’s energy centers, your divine gifts, your spirit guide team, and major life lessons.

This is a verbal version of the Soul Realignment Session.  It may also be packaged to include additional work with your life situations, spirit team guidance, and coaching for your soul at an additional fee.

Soul Coaching Sessions are 70 minutes.

This service is similar to the Soul Blueprint without the written report.

Cost: $325


Reiki & Intuitive Guidance - In Person

Reiki is deeply relaxing.  In a state of deep relaxation, your energetic systems release blocks on the physical, emotional, and psychological levels to become balanced.  I work with both Usui/Tibetan and Karuna® Reiki techniques.  My Reiki Sessions may also include sound, crystals, chant, and smudging for clearing energy, and to promote self-healing and rejuvenation.  Reiki is gentle and powerful.

Intuitive guidance is included in my Reiki sessions to give you practical information about your energetic state, and to support you in your personal growth and development right away.

This is the session that my clients come back for again, and again! Reiki & Intuitive Guidance Sessions are In-Person, by appointment, at my studio in Aliso Viejo, California, 90 minutes.  In-person appointments outside my studio are also possible, please contact me for more information.

Cost: $175


Distant Reiki & Intuitive Guidance

Reiki can be delivered to you anywhere in the world at any time with the use of Distant Reiki techniques.  We simply agree on a time for you to receive the Reiki energy and I send it to you at that time.  There’s no need to meet.  My Distant Reiki Sessions include intuitive guidance.  During your session, I record audio notes.  Afterward, I send them to you by email.  Reiki is deeply relaxing, and I suggest scheduling your Distant Reiki Session for a time when you are asleep or relaxing.

Animal Reiki Sessions are also available by Distant Reiki.

Distant Reiki & Intuitive Guidance Sessions are 30 minutes.

Cost: $88