It’s your birthday. Your gal pal surprises you with your favorite dinner and dessert (homemade to perfection), and a small gift delicately wrapped in your favorite colored wrapping paper. You untie the beautiful ribbons, open the box, and find those elegant little earrings you casually paused to admire on your vacation together earlier that year. Your heart melts — you didn’t even know she saw you looking! Of course, nothing goes unnoticed in the presence of a Virgo, and nothing is more important to her than showing those she loves just how much they mean to her.

Born between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September, Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac and ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgo’s essence, element, color and gemstone can be visualized as a young maiden in yellow with an intricate pattern of sapphire stones detailing her dress, leaned up against a nearby tree with her bare feet in the soil of the earth, nose deep in her newest book.

Grounded in calm and deliberate Yin energy, Virgo gals are infamously quiet and shy — dare I say aloof, even — but just because they tend not to enjoy the spot light doesn’t mean there’s not much to them. Quite the contrary! While they may be a bit slow to warm up, once they feel comfortable you will find these soft-spoken ladies are absolutely brimming with warm, rich and one-of-a-kind personalities. Their genuinely humble charm is irresistible, and they will be there by your side to laugh with you, cry with you, and are sure to have your back no matter what comes your way in life.

Virgo gals process information on a much deeper level than most. They are highly sensitive and exceptionally attuned to every detail about the world around them, making them remarkably perceptive. This is also the reason why they are prone to feeling overwhelmed and affectionately dubbed over-thinkers and “worry warts,” as their ability to take in so much allows them to foresee so many different possibilities and consequences, and they often have trouble making decisions about which direction to take. Therefore, Virgo gals prefer to approach life logically, practically, and strategically, and keep their spaces clean, organized, and as free of clutter as possible, as this makes life feel less chaotic and unpredictable for them.

Virgo gals are able to find something of intrigue and value in everything and anything they are presented with or come across. Their curious minds are like voracious sponges, constantly seeking out and absorbing information about their latest interest. This infinite desire for knowledge makes them extraordinarily resourceful, well rounded, and intelligent, and their range of interests certainly run the gamut; From astrophysics, to molecular biology, to painting, baking, music and fashion — you name it, and they are probably an amateur expert!

Speaking of fashion, if you’ve ever gotten ready to go out with your Virgo gal pal then you know to tell them to be ready at least an hour before your actual intended departure time. These ladies will check their thoughtfully put together outfit ten times from every possible angle and primp themselves until every last strand of hair is in place. Call them perfectionists, but my gosh do they look stunning when they are done! If only they could see in the mirror the inside-and-out dazzling women that the rest of us see…

Because of their high standards, Virgos tend to be extremely self-critical and struggle with bouts of imposter syndrome, doubting their capabilities and focusing on perceived flaws in themselves that are only apparent to them. A desire for perfection may lead to anxiety over heady issues that seem worse on the inside than the outside.  Expect to find the latest CBD formulations in a Virgo’s purse or a spray of essential oils for calming effects!  Stand back friends as you’ll likely get sprayed too, as a favor. 

Give yourself permission to give yourself credit, Virgos — learn to treat yourself as courteously and compassionately as you do everyone else and trust in your brilliance! Don’t you know you are the masterminds of the Zodiac?!


When dating, Virgo gals may indulge in a little of the hard-to-get-game at first, so sharpen those flirting skills and be prepared to put some work in if you truly want to win her over. Keep in mind that honesty and openness will ease a Virgo’s caution above all else, though, as really she just wants to make sure that she can trust your intentions —  Virgos know that they are sensitive and don’t want to get hurt! These brainy ladies crave an intellectual connection with their partners, and require stimulating conversation in order to be happy.  Expanding romantic partnerships into business partnerships common for Virgo women who prefer to blur relationship lines.  It’s not without risk of losing some passion as over time as the Virgo woman prefers the intellectual, business, problem-solving conversations to playing sex goddess in the bedroom especially once she feels secure in the relationship.  The invitation to change the relationship in this way gives her the room to help her partner become the best they can possibly be, under her careful curatorial eye.  Although it’s unlikely they’ll need it as Virgo’s are most attracted to self-made partners.  Eventually, by mid-life, a relationship that is yin and yang is preferred to one that is all about molding the person into perfection.  Because Virgo women tend to be their own worst critic, it is also important that their partners are patient, emotionally available, and value intimacy just as much as they do. In return, they are loyal, affectionate, genuinely interested in their partner’s interests, and committed to supporting them in their endeavors.  


You know what they say about the quiet ones… don’t underestimate them!  Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, anything YOU want is the short description of the virgins in the bedroom.  As she undresses, you’ll get a tour of her hidden tatoos, piercings, and lady-scaping created for your pleasure as well as hers.  Virgo ladies are drawn to creativity and potential and these qualities are on display in the boudoir, too.  Back door, front door, side door; whatever brings great pleasure is offered so that her partner never even thinks of straying.  Partners will need a little staying power to keep her satisfied (she’s not multi-orgasmic preferring one big crescendo), along with an open-mind to try something new including the latest toys, gender-bending, role-playing, some leather and lace.  By the way, that’s where the money is spent; otherwise she’s a cheap date so-to-speak, preferring to relax in her beautiful lounge with delicious drinks, or a big fatty, as the main event or as a prelude to an evening out with choice friends at their place. 

Drawn to the rough, rugged, and rebellious (be it a friend with benefits or committed relationship), it may be surprising to realize there are rules governing the Virgo body.  If she is a true virgin, and wants to remain one until the wedding night; the only entry point off limits is the kitty.  Oral, anal, and any other hymen-protecting sex is ok.  Technically, she’ll still be a virgin on the big night, and therefore a perfect bride.  Once broken, she can go from virgin to dominatrix in a flash, as you like.  Once settled into a secure relationship, sex tends to take a back seat.  When she wants it; you’ll get it.  Otherwise, you’re on your own!  Bottom line, and Virgo’s are all about the bottom, these ladies love to take care of those they love in every way possible.  


Virgo gals have an incredibly strong work ethic, and of all the signs they are are the most organized, efficient, and reliable. Their keen attention to detail and unrivaled analytic and critical thinking skills make them exceptional researchers, writers, and journalists, and their thoughtful and gentle spirits make them wonderful caretakers and healers as well. That said, with so many interests and an insatiable drive to learn, Virgo gals have the potential to excel and just about anything they put their agile minds too.








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Research and draft writing for this blog by my assistant, Claire Del Grippo; editing and finishing touches by me.

In the pic:  Camille on the left; Savannah on the right, two beautiful Virgos born one day apart in the same year.  They served as my models for a Reiki photoshoot years ago!  In true Virgo fashion, they claimed their independence early and now are creating interesting lives in big cities, one on each coast.