Truly Living You Group Coaching and Intuition

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Truly Living You Group Coaching

For creative women on a quest for change in mid-life.

What does bliss feel like to you? 

Imagine creating a life you love instead of living in quiet discontentment.

Now how do you feel?


Do you now spend your time doing what you’re “supposed to” be doing instead of what you want to be doing?

Have your desires been on the back burner for so long now that you forgot about them?

Are you bored and not totally happy with your life?

Are you ready for a change?

I’m here to help!

Find your bliss by making new choices with intuition as your guide to create a life you love.

Imagine you…

Have a supportive coach to help you.

Trust your intuition and making better decisions for yourself.

Listen to your heart before making a new choice.

Take baby steps forward to manage fear and overwhelm while you create change.

Give yourself permission to change your life.

No longer live in quiet discontentment.

Created a life you love!

You’re not like anyone else.  You’re different.

Why not create a life that suits you better and experience more confidence, contentment, and pleasure?

Create change and get more contentment in your life by joining Truly Living You Group Coaching

Discover your desires.

Learn to work with your intuition.

Let go of what’s not working anymore.

Allow yourself to make new choices to bring greater happiness to your life.

Imagine yourself finally living a life you love in bliss!

Start today.  Join Truly Living You Group Coaching Program!  We begin March 3.

This is not an online course, it’s a Live online program I created just for You.

Truly Living You Group Coaching

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“Lisa is very insightful and has given me a whole new outlook on life. But most importantly, she has helped me focus and follow the path my heart truly desires.” – Jared Lodeski, Colorado

“I have never received guidance like this. It is very motivational and inspiring.” – Alex Dunbar, Texas

Truly Living You Group Coaching Program

What You Get!

  • Weekly emails with new coaching content and supportive materials to help you take comfortable baby steps through the program.
  • Weekly Live Q&A with me to get your questions answered quickly, and to help you be accountable to yourself to create the changes you desire.
  • Private Facebook Group so you have a place to go for support, sharing, and community and don’t feel so alone on this journey.
  • 7 Easy Steps to Start Your Meditation Practice Quick Guide Pdf to help you listen to your inner voice, your heart, and your intuition.
  • Awaken Your Natural Intuition Mini-course to help you jump-start your natural intuitive abilities.
  • Manifesting Your Desires Webinar to give you the tools of manifesting so you can turn desire into reality.
  • Supporting Guided Meditations to assist you in working with your intuition and spirit guides.Pre-Sale Offer is $157

Price is $257.00

The value of this program is $1,600.

Only 20 seats in the program!

Uplevel Option is $557

With the Uplevel option, you get the full Program + three 30-minute private sessions with Lisa Rose during the program ($737 value).

“I had a wonderful session with Lisa. It was informative and timely and gave me great insight as to where I am in my life and where I am headed.” – Marcella Pardo, California

This program is FOR you, if you’re:

Ready for change, transformation, or reinvention.

Excited to make new choices.

Committed to action.

Desiring more fulfillment and contentment in your life.

A believer in change.

Wanting to be guided by your intuition to trust your decisions.

This program is NOT for you if:

You aren’t ready to commit to doing what it takes to effect change in your life.

You want someone else to change instead of changing yourself.

You aren’t willing to dig deep and be honest with yourself about what you value.

You prefer to ignore your intuition and your soul’s callings.

You don’t believe you can create change.

“Lisa’s work is both natural and enlightening. Her wonderful personality sets one at ease and makes on feel a connection instantly. Her ability to bring to the forefront issues that are relevant and helpful come into focus easily and are always on target. Her work and suggestions have lead to real solutions. Her insight has helped me to reconnect to both my heart and soul.” – Deb D’Angelo, California

Why buy this program?

Imagine seeing yourself waking up in the morning and loving your life.

How will you feel knowing you can trust your intuition to help you make better decisions for yourself?

Picture yourself working with tools and techniques to manifest your desires?

What will it feel like for you to have greater confidence, happiness, and fulfillment?

Imagine being able to use your fear for guidance instead of procrastination in the midst of change.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create a life you love with supportive coaching to help you!

Truly Living You Group Coaching

© Create A Life You Love, Lisa Rose Lodeski, 2019

“I feel a huge shift in energy already!  I’m truly in awe of what you can see.” – Danis McDermott

Purchased separately, you would pay:

Group coaching program, ($257 value)

4 Live group coaching sessions, ($900 value)

30 minute 1:1 with Lisa Rose, ($120 value)

Access to Lisa in the FB Group, ($400 value)

Total value: $1,677.

You pay:  $257.



You pay:  $557.



See the Program Details page Here

“Lisa Rose has a tremendous soul-filled gift to help ease the spirit in a time of transition.” – Jillian Gabrielle