Scopophilia, mixed-media on wood, 1995; Deborah Barr, 2018

Join me for a conversation about the healing energy of art in the context of the #MeToo Movement with artist, Deborah Barr, on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018, 7 pm., on Facebook Live or Zoom.

When I was reorganizing artworks in storage recently, I rediscovered a painting called “Scopophilia” by Deborah Barr, and found it’s relevance to current events remarkable, some 20 years after it was created.  Like so many, I’ve recently been re-triggered about instances of sexual assault and was already thinking about a way to be part of a solution rather than adding to the problems created by debate in feeds all over platforms.  I called the artist, now a college professor, and said, “let’s talk about this painting in the content of the #MeToo movement on Facebook Live”.  She said, “I’m game”.  So, we’re extending an invitation to you and all women who have experienced sexual assault to listen-in on our conversation and participate by commenting, or not, and staying for a group meditation that will serve to give a collective voice to the feelings and concerns triggered by current events involving sexual assault.

It’s our effort to become part of the solution. And so it is. 

Deborah’s mission as an artist has been to “…help build community by presenting shared experiences, including difficulties or suffering, in such a way that empathy for the self and others is created.”  That’s our goal for this conversation.  To help create empathy for the self and others as a trigger for healing.

Warning:  this is a political free zone.

If you feel called to join us, just click one of the links below for direct access:

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