The Funk Has Purpose! Truly Living with Lisa Rose

Oh, no! The funk has arrived, and it’s got you. Don’t panic. Relax.  The funk has purpose! It’s a gift of pause. It’s a lull, a place to rest, relax, observe, and maybe change your position, your perspective or readjust your intention before making your next move. Labeling “a funk” as a slide, failure, or sheer waste of time is conditioned thinking where value is not awarded to neutral, only to forward motion. Not true!  Neutral is valuable as a sacred pause. Give your funk new meaning. Take this funky time to look inside yourself for refreshments. Recharge yourself with whatever is cooling, refreshing, and sensual. I think of it like this: my funk is taking me on a break for some ice cream. It not going to last long, so I stay there with it, enjoying it, without a care in the world and when it’s gone, it’s gone. I move on to whatever is next, grateful for the pause, and I forget about the rest.  With the next round of funk in your life, instead of letting it get you down, funk it up!