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Taurus Gals, The Luxury Lovers


Born between April 20 and May 20, Taurus gals are stable, strong willed, and oh so stubborn! That’s a Taurus for you — the second sign of the zodiac, who takes all that wild and fiery energy from Aries and grounds it in the solid and steady earth.  Their sign, planet, element and lucky color can be visualized as a Divine Feminine Bull slowly wandering the green grasses on Earth stopping to taste and sniff everything while enjoying the intoxicating vibe of Venus Light.

Taurus likes things slow and predictable. They are methodical in nature and feel most secure with a regular routine where they know just what to expect and how to prepare. Needless to say, they are not big fans of change and avoid it at all costs.

While they are one of the more practical signs in the zodiac, Taurus are known to indulge themselves with a bit of luxury — and by a little I mean a lot — they are always dressed to the nines in the latest fashion and appreciate few things more than gourmet food, fine wine, high thread count sheets, fresh fragrant flowers, and a long hot bubble bath.

Taurus are sociable, honest, and dedicated friends that you can be sure to rely on to have your back — just don’t try to argue with these opinionated bulls because they are unwavering and will probably win if by nothing else than their stamina to quarrel.  Taurus gals are dependable!  If your Taurus friend says she’ll meet you at a certain place and time, she’ll be there.  No need to text her 5x for an ETA update.  If, however, she senses you’re a bit anxious, she’ll check in with you twice to help calm you down and will have already ordered a cocktail for you to enjoy upon arrival.

In a Relationship

In relationships they are charming and sensuous, but love and romance is no exception to their preference for predictability — they are not very spontaneous and difficult to seduce with little interest in quickies or one night stands. With sex they tend to prefer to stick to what they know works and are not the most adventurous partners, but that’s not to say by any means that they are bad in bed — they take foreplay very seriously and can last longer than just about any of the other signs, taking their time to really savor every moment and work you up to a powerful release.

Of course they will take their time before they commit to a relationship, too, as they like to know what they are getting in to and feel confident that it’s worth their time and energy, but this makes them one of the most loyal partners because they are not easily tempted.  In times of trouble, Taurus doesn’t run, but stands strong to take in every option before spending any energy on moving in another direction.  They forgive; but they don’t forget.  Instead experiences become informative and are another thread woven into their tapestry of life lessons.

In the Bedroom

You are about to be seduced in ways you never dreamed possible when entering the lair of a Taurus.  Loving creature comforts, all the sensual details will be handled in advanced.  Yes, it’s strategic and sincere.  Before you arrive, Taurus places fresh flowers in all the rooms.  Candles are lit, pillows are fluffed, and the air is fragrant from her perfume traveling through the rooms getting ready for the perfect evening.  Delicious food was prepared or brought in with adult drinks to match.  You’ll delightfully discover some of your favorites are included, seemingly by magic.  Taurus knows what you like, and plans to deliver it on a silver platter.  Pre-planning included sizing up your interests, tastes, and probabilities of your bank statement including potential earnings for next year.  You know that new car smell?  That’s one of her favorite scents!  Taurus is a class act all the way to the bedroom.  But, don’t be shocked to discover your Taurus wears lace and pearls on the bottom, too!  It’s not just for you.  She wears that to bed alone.  Some of the best kissers on the planet, foreplay will be at least an hour, starting on the sofa, of course, so get your tongue in shape now for this woman.  She expects your full attention, and adoration, but will give herself to you so willingly and expertly that you’ll think it’s all about you in the sack.  Always fashionable, her toy box will match her lingerie, of course. Be sure to pack an overnight bag, she doesn’t do quickies or one-night stands.  This will be a weekend trip for starters.  Might want to arrange a driver, you may not be able to drive straight for days afterward.


In their careers they are driven, persistent, hard working and dependable. They are pragmatic thinkers and fantastic planners, and their keen business sense coupled with their eye for beauty make them great successes whether they are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or high-end interior designers.

How to Identify A Taurus

T – Thoughtful

A – Amicable

U – Understanding

R – Responsible

U – Utilitarian

S – Sensual

In The Pic

My wonderful Taurus friend, Utako, and I taking a break at the Chichu Art Museum, Naoshima Island, Japan.

Celebrity Taurus Gals

Famous Taurus Gals Celebs:  Adele, Cher, Janet Jackson, Tina Fey, Barbara Streisand, Penelope Cruz, Audrey Hepburn, Lily Allen, Uma Therman, Kehlani, Kelly Clarkson.

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