Today was an exciting day for me. I was in Hilo, Hawaii, and decided to drive to 2070 Kilauea Avenue, hoping to go inside and spend a few minutes in the space where Mrs. Hawayo Takata first practiced Reiki. As a Reiki Master, it was a special moment. Reiki’s first stop on it’s journey around the world from Japan was Hawaii, in 1939, when Mrs. Takata moved to Hilo and opened the first Reiki clinic in the U.S. I stopped by this house, now a natural wellness center, a few times in the past but it was closed. I knew when the time was right, the door would open. And today, it did.

“Yes”, the receptionist said inviting me to take the stairs to the second level where a small area is dedicated to Mrs. Takata’s role in the history of Reiki. I surprised myself when suddenly I felt a bit emotional. I took a breath and climbed the narrow staircase to the second floor. I met one of the therapists who was leaving. I told her I was a Reiki Master and she understood instantly why I was there, and began to show me the room where Mrs. Takata gave Reiki treatments from 1939 – 1950. The room is now divided into 3 treatment rooms with a hallway area that has a bench for meditation; the original, hand-painted, wooden sign Mrs. Takata had made to advertise her services; a copy of the 1941 classified ad she bought to promote her studio; and a guestbook for the Reiki practitioners who have come to honor the person and place where Reiki got it’s start in the West. The therapist said “I’ll leave you here alone so you can meditate”. It’s a beautiful, tranquil, calming space. I felt the Reiki energy that remains in this place. I sat down on the bench, and intuitively heard “irashaimase”, a Japanese word for welcome, used in a business situation, such as, “welcome to the store”. Made sense. I was being welcomed to what was a studio for Reiki services by a Japanese-Hawaiian spirit. Female voice. I believe it was Mrs. Takata. I clearly felt a female presence.  I sat on the bench and settled into a meditation.  About a minute later, I felt Reiki energy going through me. It felt great! I was being given a Reiki treatment. I smiled, and didn’t make a move. I felt subtle waves of energy going through my body starting at the crown of my head that descended through to my toes. Talk about a Distant Reiki Treatment! Mrs. Takata passed in 1980, but clearly she still knows how to work the room. I stayed a little longer than planned, and sent Reiki back to fill this beautiful space. I also spent time thanking Mrs. Takata for her work, which is now also my work in the healing arts. I asked if I could take a few photos to share with all of you, and I heard “Yes”, intuitively. Check out the light through the door! It was time to leave.  My hands in gasso, I bowed, turned, and began to walk down the staircase when I heard the female voice say, “Aloha”.

If you are a Reiki practitioner, this is one special trip!  The current owner of the building is happy to allow access to the second floor to visitors.


I’m a Reiki Master in the Usui and Karuna® Reiki traditions.  I offer services in person and by distance.  My clients love the blending of Reiki with intuitive readings, and that’s the session that they come back for again, and again.  Intuition development is a natural side benefit of a Reiki practice.  It increases intuitive ability and clarity.  Teaching Reiki is a joy, because once attuned, you are attuned to Reiki energy for life.  There are three levels in Usui Reiki, and I offer training for all levels by appointment.  If you’d like to know more, contact me, anytime.