Discovering, connecting and creating a relationship with your spirt guides is a life-long gift to yourself that will make your life easier.

Are you tired of feeling frustrated because no one seems to understand you?

You’d like some help or guidance but without all the opinions, judgements, criticism that comes with the advice from friends, family, and others when you ask What do you think I should do?

Is there something so private, that you can’t talk to anyone about it and feel like you are on an island alone?

Do you desire a deep connection with an unconditional loving being from the spirit realm?

Imagine having a spirit guide team available at your request for support, guidance, information, and nudges whenever you need or request it.  How would your life be different?

Praise for Lisa Rose, Truly Living

“I have never received any guidance like this.  It is very motivational and inspiring.  Thank you, Lisa!  Love you!”

-Alexis Dunbar, Austin, Texas

Here are some of the results my clients have experienced as a result of working with me to connect to their spirit guides:

  • Self-empowerment.
  • Loving guides to help you on your life’s journey.
  • Peace of mind that comes from being understood.
  • Guidance to help you make better choices and decisions.
  • Understanding of how the choices you make are part of your soul’s journey.
  • Answers to your questions that lead you toward the best possible outcome.
  • Connection to the spirit realm.
  • Sixth-sensory abilities that expand your soul’s experience in this incarnation.
  • Knowledge and wisdom that come from experiencing more than the eye can see.
  • Alignment to your true self and your soul.

Spirit guides are ever present and waiting to help you, but they only do so by request.  They operate on a different frequency than you, and that’s why you might not be able to connect with them now on your own.

What you will learn in my Spirit Guide Mentorship is life changing.

You’ll develop your ability to connect and work with your spirit guides to help you whenever you need guidance and support.

Once I learned how to connect and work with my spirit guides, my life became easier.  I’m more confident, I make better decisions, I feel grounded and centered, protected, loved, supported, and I don’t feel alone in troubling times.

You, too, have a team of spirit guides waiting for your request to be a part of your support team. All you need to do is learn how to connect with your spirit guides and work with them.  I can help.

My Spirit Guide Mentorship program is an opportunity for you to learn how to connect with your spirit guides and have me as your spiritual coach.  You’ll learn the same techniques that I use to connect with my spirit guides.

When you complete the program, not only will you know how to connect, you’ll have created relationships with your spirit guides.  With that will come a sense of peace, confidence, and trust in yourself and your decisions.

Spirit Guide Mentorship Details

Program dates are April 1-30, 2020.

This Mentorship Includes:

4x live group sessions online to help you directly connect and work with your spirit guides.

Wednesdays, 6:30 pm PST.  TBA

2x live group sessions online for additional training, coaching, and Q&A.

Saturdays, 10 am PST  TBA

Connecting with your spirit guides step-by-step online program to support you between live sessions.

This training is pre-recorded and available to you online 24/7.  It’s 5 Modules of video training with supporting materials.  It’s organized in a step-by-step process that I know works.

Your spirit guide soul profile.

One of the most difficult aspects of discovering your spirit guides is the actual discovery process!  To make this as easy as possible, I’m including a spirit guide profile and brief soul profile that I will create for you.  Yes, I can gather specific information about your spirit guide inner circle from your soul record and tell you exactly who they are and how they support you.  I’ll deliver the information to you in a pdf during the first week of the program.

What You Get:

Your soul profile and your spirit guides profiles (Value $677)

Connecting with your spirit guides training  (Value $333)

  • 5 modules of video training
  • Downloadable audios of the video training
  • Guided audio meditation to reseat your spirit at the center of your being
  • Guided audio meditation to scan your body for guidance from your higher self and guides
  • Guided audio meditation to meet your spirit guides
  • Protective invocation for strong boundaries during your spirit work
  • Entry into the Akashic Records for guidance from your spirit guide inner circle
  • Head-Heart-Spirit Tool for 3 forms of guidance
  • 4 Supporting pdf’s.

Learn to meditate quick-guide pdf

6 Live group sessions with me to help you connect with your spirit guides for guidance and support (Value $1,350)

Total Value is $2,360.  Sign up now for $1,010.

Spirit Guide Mentorship with Lisa Rose

Sign up here:

$1,010 single payment


$555 x 2 payments (monthly)


Questions?  Send me a message or book a free call to talk about the program.