Soul Mapping is a different approach to annual planning.

Your soul knows what it wants to experience next and the best way to get things done.  When you live life with your soul in the lead, things change.  Life becomes easier and you’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin.

This time next year, you will have made choices that created experiences that feel like a better fit for you.  This is what is called soul alignment.  Living in alignment with your soul.  Benefiting from it’s characteristics, abilities, gifts, qualities, and wisdom.  

Create a soul map to guide you through Year 2023!

Instead of staring at your calendar and a goal list to plan 2023, tune-in to your soul wisdom for clarity and guidance on your direction forward and how best to realize what you desire to experience next.

Bring your wishes and goals to my Soul Mapping 2023 Planning Party and I’ll show you how to whittle and tweak that list with your soul wisdom.


Soul Mapping 2023 Planning Party

Chart the New Year with Your Soul Wisdom

Saturday, December 3

10 am – 12 pm  PST

Live on Zoom with a Replay

Includes a Soul Mapping Workbook PDF   

During the Soul Mapping session, I’ll be your guide to:

Review the ups, downs, and lessons of 2022 before closing the year.

Open to the energy of 2023 and what you want to feel, create, experience and have in the New Year.

Connect with your soul wisdom to identify your soul’s desires for 2023.

Travel to your future self for a peek at how your current choices are creating your future.

Align your soul’s desires practically to your life.

Trust your intuition for day-to-day guidance about details.

Chart your 2023 journey including intuitively selecting dates.

Soul mapping is like planning a trip to a place you’ve never been but you already know you’re going to love being there.

Your soul map will keep you on track so you don’t waste a lot of time getting lost on the way.   You can veer off course to enjoy surprising, interesting stops along the way, if you like, and return to your forward travels as you like.

If you’re feeling called to more deeply connect with your soul to help you navigate through your many choices in 2023, click the Save My Seat button and register for this free event.