I love working in the Akashic Records. When I first accessed the Akashic Records for an intuitive reading assignment during a training session with Sonia Choquette, I was surprised at how easily the information and guidance came through to me both while reading for others as well as for myself. I called on my memories of old, beautiful, European University libraries to create an imaginary place to function as a framework for working in the Akasha. My Akashic Record guide, a North African man with dark-skin who wears a burgundy Fez stands behind a beautifully carved, wooden desk, that resembles one of those good ‘ole fashioned bars found in 19th century pubs. He patiently waits for my request for assistance in accessing the Akashic Records for a specific soul. Sometimes I access the records alone during a reading for my client, and sometimes I take my client with me as part of the reading.  Same guide, every time, by the way. Years ago, I bought a painting, an unknown portrait of this man, created by an artist named Elizabeth Fisher Clay, during her travels in Spain while studying with Robert Henri, a well known 19th century painter.  I had forgotten about it. While reorganizing my art inventory (I was a private art dealer for decades), I rediscovered the painting and that’s when it hit me that this portrait was my guide in the Akasha!  Yes, it may be a “which came first, the chicken or the egg”, situation, but it doesn’t matter. It is what it is now, and this man has been my guide for years in the Akasha. And, I own a portrait of him. Works for me.

For those who haven’t heard of the Akashic Records, think of it as an energetic database that contains all the information about all the choices, thoughts, words, deeds, and actions a soul has made since it’s point of origination straight through to the present, and future.  It’s a big topic. I’m just touching the tip of the iceberg here. I often go to the Akashic Records to get answers to specific questions, for example, on repeating patterns experienced in life; the reason for specific experiences particularly the lessons to be learned; guidance at the crossroads where a decision needs to be made, or a new option realized to refresh a perspective. Questions for the Akasha are best framed in a way that allows for every and any possibility: “Show me my options for …..”, “How may I move forward with …”, “What is keeping me from manifesting ….”. These types of questions will generate a much clearer answer than a simple yes or no question. The danger in a yes or no question is that you may get a no. No doesn’t always mean no, however. Sometimes it means no, not now. Options are way better! And I’ve found that often the Akashic Record will answer a completely different question that ends up explaining the “why” from the point of the soul’s history and growth in addition to the question asked. It’s an amazing reading, if I do say so myself!

Anyone can access their own Akashic Record with training.  I can access anyone’s Akashic Record only with their permission.  The Akasha isn’t an open library where soul records are free for browsing entertainment.  It’s a dynamic, constantly changing energetic database that is in continual connection to every soul.  It’s equipped to detect lurking, too, and doesn’t spill information without permission.  In order to access the Akasha for a particular soul, certain information is required to identify the exact soul for which the reading is intended, provided by the client.  Interpreting the information presented in the Akashic Records can be challenging.  Akashic guides assist but, like any form of communication, you’ll need a language or a system of signs and symbols with which you are familiar to determine meaning.  The information, for me, comes in the form of words, images, symbols, signs, sounds, movies of the soul’s journey, physical sensations, emotions felt empathically, and often includes a bit of audio.  It’s always easier to read for someone else than it is for yourself!  Having said that, I’ve had good success taking people to their own Akashic Records to retrieve a soul story and/or to receive an answer to a question on the first trip.  I love journeying to the Akashic Records.  It’s a wonderful trip because it empowers us to realign with our soul purpose when we’re out of adjustment.

When I decided to formally train in Akashic Record readings, just as I was ready to commit to it, I came across a training course in the Akashic Records that sounded really interesting to me. Knowing there are no coincidences, I signed up for the certification class about a year ago. I’m happy to say that I completed the coursework, and am now a Certified Soul Realignment™ Practitioner! I love this work, and this method of accessing the Akashic Records. I’ve read for five clients to date, and each reading has been different, interesting, illuminating, and right on target. Feedback from those I’ve read for usually starts with “Wow!”. All experienced a shift in their present life and circumstances as their souls were realigned to their original state. What’s cool about this reading is that I can go into the Akashic Records to gather information about your soul profile that includes lots of detail, and help you discover who you are at soul level. I identify your divine gifts that when expressed lead to a clear path, and a clear connection to your soul purpose. The benefit of this type of reading is that I also see the blocks and restriction that caused a Soul to “go off the rails”, so to speak, causing it’s separation and disconnection from it’s divine nature. Alignment, and realignment, with your soul purpose creates natural abundance because you are expressing the soul in a way that fulfills it’s original purpose. There is also a unique process in Soul Realignment™ readings where I request an energetic clearing of your soul’s record in the Akasha.  The process requires my participation, yours, and that of the Akashic Record guides.  When the reading and your soul work, think homework for your soul, is completed, your soul record is “clean”. It’s empowering because you are free to make new choices that line-up with your soul purpose and divine nature. An immediate shift takes place when your soul is realigned to it’s point of origination.  How does this feel in your present life? Like floating downstream on a lazy river vs. paddling and struggling to go upstream. You’ll manifest your intentions and desires quickly.  The people, places, situations, and history that has held you back begins to leave your life, sometimes instantly.  It’s exciting to be able to offer a reading that is transformative, and quickly so. The beauty of this type of reading is that it reveals who you are at soul level. I believe we are all souls that drop a spirit into incarnation for the purpose of learning, sharing our gifts, and growing our souls. I’m excited to add Soul Realignment™ Readings to my practice!

Do you have a desire to know who you are at a soul level?  I would love to read for you.  Would you like to learn how to visit the Akasha for yourself?  I would be honored to take you there.