Replays are available through August 31, 2022.


Week 1

Entering Your Soul Record

Learn how to access your soul record in the Akashic Records.
Visit your soul record for the first time to ask a question.
Learn the first of three ways to access your soul record in the Akashic Records.
Discover which of your intuitive senses is strongest within the Akashic field.
Get an overview about the Akashic Records; what they are and how they function.
Witness how I help rephrase questions to get the best response from the soul record.
Observe my soul coaching style where I visit a soul record in tandem with a client and help gather guidance.
Understand how to take action on what you soul illuminates for you.

Visit Your Soul Record, Method 1



Week 2

Consulting Your Soul For Guidance

Formulating Questions – Good Questions = Good Answers

Creating Specific Questions for Practical Guidance

Types of Inquires & Examples

Use of the Process of Elimination

Intuitive Senses as a Tool for Communication in the Akashic Records

Divine Timing

Visiting Your Soul Record, Method 2


Week 3

Techniques for Soul Inquires

How to program your pendulum to your energy for accuracy.
When and how to use dowsing charts.
Types of dowsing inquires.
Differences of automatic writing and journaling.
Specifically learn how to Journal in Soul Ink.
Practical use of a personal altar as a tool for sacred space, soul inquiries, and creativity.
How to use intuition as a tool for short-cuts in communication during soul record visits.
The role imagination plays as a kick-starter for intuition.
Visit your soul record using Method 3.


Week 4

Practical Use of Soul Wisdom

Results of practically using your soul wisdom

Quickest way to create positive change in your life

How to apply the essence of your soul to your life by making new choices or decisions

Examples of how to apply your the information about your soul’s characteristics, traits, abilities, gifts and shadows to manifest experiences that your soul craves.

Why understanding what blocks and restrictions exist in your soul record are causing you to be out of soul alignment

How knowing the details of your soul blueprint are practically helpful to creating a more satisfying life

Issues that create blocks from the past or present life

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Replays are available through August 31, 2022.

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