Can you feel it?

The globe is coming back to life after a great pause.

Are you ready to rise to the occasion?

Challenges of the last years have created great change.

Not only has the world around you shifted, but you’ve shifted.

What used to be important isn’t anymore.  Time is more precious.

How, where, and on whom you spend your time has likely been re-prioritized.

If you viewed this lull as a time of sacred pause, where you stay still, observe, adjust, renew, and see possibility for yourself, the Rise Series is for you.

How ready are you to re-emerge?

You may not be exactly sure or clear on the details of who you are now, just yet.

Explore and discover what you need to know and do now before rising from your sacred pause, into your future, in style, and Rise higher

All informed and guided by your soul’s wisdom with me as your soul coach.

4-part soul circle series begins March 9 and is $57.

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Soul Circles Rising Series


Rise is a 4-part series presented in March

We’ll gather on Zoom for 90 minute soul circles.

Replays and a workbook included.

March 9  Rising from your sacred pause

March 16  Rising into your future

March 23  Rising in style

March 30, Rising higher