Your Soul Record contains every detail about your soul.  It’s all there.  Choices, decisions, experiences, deeds, past lives, deaths, births, challenges, and descriptions of the characteristics and qualities of your soul.

Living your life in alignment with those qualities creates a life experience that is more deeply satisfying than not.

Knowing your soul and seeking guidance from its perspective produces an opportunity to create experiences beyond the usual trial and error approach.

Learning how to enter your soul record, ask good questions to get good answers, and practically apply that information to your current life is the focus of Soul Circles:  Soul Connection Series.

Learn how to

  • Access your soul record
  • Receive guidance from your soul record and spirit guides using 3 different methods
  • Expand your spiritual toolbox with new techniques for soul inquiries
  • Apply your soul wisdom and guidance practically to your life


Soul Circle gatherings are 60 minutes, live on Zoom.

Thursdays, July 14, 21, 28 at 12pm PST.  And, Saturday, July 30 at 12 pm PST

Includes the Soul Connection Series Guidebook

Replays will be available and accessible until August 30, 2022.

Offer 1


Soul Connection Series + Soul Connection Guidebook

Offer 2


Your Soul Profile + Soul Connection Series + Guidebook

Your Soul Profile

Your Soul Profile will be created by me and sent to you as a pdf by email.

This will enhance your Soul Connection Series experience because you’ll already know much more about your soul before you start consulting your record. Likely, many questions will be answered just by reading the pdf!

Your Soul Profile specifically includes:

  • The qualities, abilities, gifts, and shadow sides of your soul
  • Your soul group and it’s characteristics
  • Divine feminine or masculine state of your soul
  • Your soul vibrational rate to understand how driven you are by ego vs spirit
  • Physical history and mystery schools your soul is drawn to for self-expression
  • How well you manifest in alignment with your soul vs your ego
  • How many spirit guides you have
  • If you have any negative spirit guides


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I hope I’ll see you inside Soul Circles in July!