Some call it a funk.  A slow down.  An I-don’t-know-what-happened.  A failure.  Time to throw in the towel.

I call it a Sacred Pause.

A sacred pause is that moment in time when you slow down, maybe to a stop, and wonder if what you’re doing or working so hard to get is actually in your best interest now. You may intentionally create a sacred pause, or simply find yourself in one because the pace of progress has slowed a bit.  Self-doubt may rear it’s ugly head and you may start criticizing or judging yourself rather than simply taking a sacred pause as an opportunity to wonder, reflect, and revise your vision to get things moving again.

The best time to review what’s happened so far, reconsider if what you said you wanted before is still what you desire now, refine your vision, change your mind, pivot, realign with your truth, heart, and soul is during a sacred pause.

It’s a great time to ask yourself these questions:

Do I still want what I said I wanted?
What do I want to change now?

It’s also a great time to get some help to help you get out of feeling stuck.

I think of a sacred pause as a lull between waves. The safest time to get in and out of the ocean is during the lull, when the water is more flat and less active, right before the next set of waves arrive.

It’s in the lull that you have the clearest view of both the shoreline and the open ocean.  It’s here that you can see the next wave coming and decide if you want to swim out to it, under it, or climb on top of your board and surf it.

It’s also a time to rest and not think so hard about what’s coming.

That’s how I think of a sacred pause, like a lull between waves where everything is possible and the number of options is at it’s max. A chance to change course, or gather some rest before the next big wave.

If you’re in a sacred pause and want some clarity on your next step, book a call with me today so I can help.