Blending Reiki with an Intuitive Guidance Session is a natural for me as I was a practicing Intuitive before I was a Reiki Master. So, from the start, offering intuitive guidance as part of a Reiki session was a natural for me. What I’m talking about here is different than Dr. Usui’s method of using intuition to guide delivery of Reiki to clients.

Reiki history describes Dr. Usui’s use of intuition as a guiding force in his own Reiki practice, and he trained students to intuitively deliver Reiki to clients, however it’s not clear if he also relayed intuitive guidance to clients as part of his treatment sessions.

When I began offering Reiki sessions in my own practice, both in-person and by distance, I quickly noticed I was receiving not only information about blocks and imbalances in my client’s energy system and how to direct Reiki energy and symbols for use in the session, but also specific guidance in the form of messages to share with my client.

The type of guidance I receive to share, includes, for example, causes of energetic blockages and imbalances with suggestions on how my client may dodge them in the future; recommendations on how to change perspective to create balance in my client’s lives that would be reflected in the energy body; external situations contributing to the state of their energy; and also straight-up, direct messages from spirit guides, mine and theirs, including episodes of mediumship (the latter examples represent intuitive abilities tipping over into psychic abilities).

When I realized what was happening, that I was conducting an intuitive guidance session within a Reiki session, I just went with it. My finely-tuned intuitive language of personal signs and symbols blends beautifully with all things Reiki. So, I began to create blended Reiki and Intuitive Guidance Sessions where Reiki energy did it’s work, and intuitive guidance received was passed on to my clients by me, the delivery girl. Today, my clients are delighted with this option of service. I continue to offer traditional Reiki sessions, in-person and distant, but this blend is the service my clients request again and again. Over time, I’ve incorporated the use of crystals, oracles, sound, and meditation as part of individually designed sessions and no two sessions are alike.

It’s common knowledge that a side benefit of a Reiki practice is an increase in the strength and clarity of natural intuition. Tapping into intuition is easy with training and practice. In the next paragraphs, I discuss why I offer this blending of healing modalities and the benefits to my clients.  I also share how I do it; what it feels like on the my end; and examples from actual sessions on the types of information I receive and share with my clients that add value to their experience with Reiki.

Why do I blend Reiki with Intuitive Guidance Sessions, and what are the benefits to clients?

I offer a blend of Reiki and Intuitive Guidance in a session because it greatly benefits my client by providing information and guidance they may use immediately to make new choices to support themselves in creating their lives while enjoying the benefits of a Reiki session. Often, the guidance creates new understanding for my clients of their participation in the creation of their energetic imbalances that may be contributing to dis-ease. Reiki stimulates deep, deep relaxation in a safe environment, and in that state, I’m more easily able to read the subtle energies present in and around my client, and my client is more open to receiving what is coming for their benefit.

How do I do it?

First, I prepare myself and my studio for both Reiki and Intuitive Guidance work.  I open the Reiki session for my client and go through a full Reiki session while, at the same time, receiving intuitive guidance.  I close the Reiki session and ask the Spirit guides present (which may be one or a combination of my Reiki guides, my higher-self, my spirit guides, or my client’s spirit guides) to remain and continue the Intuitive Guidance Session.  I relay the information received to my client and give them an opportunity to ask questions while I am still “connected” to the guides, and I relay the answers provided. When I sense the energy of the guides dissipating, or when the messages seem to have come to a natural end, I thank our guides, close the session, and ground both of us with intention, energy clearing, and something physical, usually a drink of water. Afterward, my client and I have a conversation about the experience from my client’s perspective. We finish with a discussion on how my client may best use the information gained during the session to move forward.

More specifically, my preparations include my own Reiki cleansing, an energetic clearing of my studio space using a dowsing rod or pendulum followed by a smudging with sage, palo santo wood, or incense, before I seal the space with Reiki to create a strong energetic boundary. I light natural beeswax candles to call in the Light (meaning my connection to Source, The Universe, All). I ask my spirit guides and those of my client to come forward to support the boundaries.   (I want only high vibrational participants that have my client’s highest and best interest to be present in a session).  I ask the guides to offer guidance while I do the Reiki session. I can sense the spirit guides in the room, and it’s a separate entourage from the Reiki guides.

Without exception, when my clients walk into my studio, they mention how the energy in this room feels different, inviting, safe. I place my clients on my Reiki table, give them a few minutes to settle-in, and ask if they would like to know of the intuitive guidance I may receive for them during the Reiki session. Although my clients are aware of the type of session they’ve scheduled, I always give them an out if they don’t want to hear the guidance for whatever reason. I haven’t had that happen yet.

I begin their Reiki session and as I work, I pay attention not only the quality of energy in their system, but also to my own body and my third-eye where I receive guidance in the form of pictures, words, images that appear like movies, language, sounds, signs, clues, symbols, and scents. The hard part is organizing the information that is delivered like a big bowl of vegetable soup wherein I have to figure out which pieces go together in order to communicate a clear message. Practice makes perfect.

Some of the messages or guidance is straightforward: “Stop giving until it hurts”, for example. Others, not so much. “There’s a male figure here wearing a suit from the 1930’s and an English bowler-style hat who was ushered into our space by an excitable dog with light, long, poofy hair”. To which my client responded, “That’s my grandfather who served in the military in England and the dog is Frisky, our family pet. My grandfather died when I was an infant.” After several more clues were delivered to me, it was clear that this was a message of love. Usually, I hold the messages and guidance in my mind until the Reiki part of the session is complete.  I begin sharing the messages, guidance, and information received toward the end of the session when I am still connected intuitively and can have a conversation with my client and the guides at the same time. It just seems to flow better that way for me. I don’t like to break up the meditative, relaxing quality of the Reiki delivery to my client.

What sensations do I experience during a session?

Before I begin preparing my studio space for this type of session, I often sense the guides coming forward. To me, it feels as if several people have walked into the room I’m in, but they are invisible. If you close your eyes, or were blindfolded, and had headphones on, I believe you would sense, with your sixth sense, that of vibration, if and when someone is in the room with you. You would sense their vibration. Much may be determined from the qualities of vibration.


When guides are in the room, I sense it the same way, but it’s more subtle. I also sense the presence of my Reiki guides, however they tend to arrive and leave with the timing of the actual Reiki part of the session. Sometimes I start receiving intuitive “hits” of information for my client before they arrive. I’ll make a mental note of it and put those pieces all together with the additional information I receive during the session. After the client has arrived, and I begin the session, I feel the Reiki flow and I go to work. I scan the body to see where the issues lie, and ask the guides to start downloading the guidance in addition to the information I need to do a great job. Chakra by chakra, messages are delivered. I may receive, for example, information about their soul history, present issues that are causing imbalances, personal habits and perspectives that are contributing factors to the reasons that brought my client to me for a session in the first place. I can also sense the fading of the energy, the signal to close the connection.

The ability to receive intuitive guidance during a Reiki session also applies to Distance Reiki Sessions, when the client is somewhere on the planet and you are delivering Reiki by distance.  The strength and quality of the information does not change whether the service is in-person or by distance.

What role does Reiki play during an Intuitive Guidance Session?

In my experience, Reiki energy supports what I call “sacred space”. It’s the type of space I create in preparation for an Intuitive Guidance Session. The Reiki energy shores-up the energetic boundaries of the space, raises the vibration in the space to facilitate a quick and clear connection to the guides, and holds that vibration through to the finish. As a Reiki Master and Intuitive, I serve as the conductor of the different sources of energy and guidance that enter the energetic field within the blended Reiki and Intuitive Guidance Session.

In summary, Reiki energy blends well with many different forms of energy work and healing modalities. I hope my experience will inspire you to create services of your own that expand the possibilities of your Reiki sessions to benefit your clients, and bring new clients to your practice.

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