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Recently, I received a surprise request for an interview from a contributing writer for Vogue and the topic was mystical weddings. It was a long and interesting Q&A with Jenny Berg, who was in the middle of crafting her article and searching for ideas for brides-to-be. She included my ideas on pre-wedding Reiki and Wishing Bowls.

…  “If you can meditate in the morning, you can continually visit that relaxing, grounding place that you started the day in,” she says Lisa Rose Lodeski, a master Reiki practitioner who meets with couples before wedding ceremonies, typically about an hour before they’re set to walk down the aisle. (Don’t fret: “I can do Reiki standing, so that the dress doesn’t get wrinkled,” Lodeski says.) “We have a whole lot of nervous emotional and physical stuff that comes up right before we walk down the aisle,” Lodeski says. “But Reiki helps clear the energy, clear the aura, so that as two people come together as a couple, their energy is totally clear. They’ll be relaxed, their chakras will be balanced, and any kind of block that’s keeping them from feeling their authenticity is removed.” …

…  Lodeski suggests employing wishing bowls. To create the bowls, couples ask guests to write a “good-vibration wish” on a strip of paper and send it back with the RSVP card. The wishes can then go into one giant bowl at the entrance of the reception or be put into smaller bowls at each tabletop. After the reception, “instead of taking a bag of mints, people take a wish,” Lodeski says. And, like magic: “It’s always the exact wish that was meant for them.” …

Jenny’s article was published earlier this month at Vogue.com, and I thought you might enjoy reading it for some ideas on how to add a bit of mysticism to your life, be it a wedding, a ceremony, or a ritual.


Crystals, Sage, and Wishing Bowls: How to Have a Modern Mystical Wedding