© Boundary Fence, Lisa Rose Lodeski, 2016

© Boundary Fence, Lisa Rose Lodeski, 2016

Reiki is an intelligent energy that knows what to do in a Reiki session to promote self-healing. If you’re a Reiki practitioner, you already know that. What you may not know is that Reiki also knows how to expand and hold space for Reiki practitioners to practice their various abilities in the healing arts within the Reiki field. It’s not only possible, but easy to blend Reiki with intuitive guidance, mediumship, telepathy and telecommunication, soul-work in the Akashic Records, shamanism, divination, past life regression, angel messages, oracle card readings, and many other forms of the healing arts.

For years I’ve been blending Reiki primarily with intuitive guidance, soul-work, and mediumship, to better serve my clients and increase income streams for my business. I was an Intuitive before I was a Reiki Master, so blending Reiki with healing modalities is natural for me. With practice, it will become natural for those of you interested in expanding your practice, and increasing your income, by offering additional services to your clients.

There are many benefits of working with Reiki as an energetic boundary. For example, I’m not only able to deliver healing Reiki energy to my clients and explain what is happening on an energetic level, but I’m also able to gather information to answer the question of why the client is creating or holding energetic blocks and patterns. Additionally, I’m able to discern if the blockages originated in the current incarnation or are coming forward from a past life. With both my Reiki guides and spirit guides present, and those of my client, I’m able to receive and share guidance with my client that assists them in deciding what choices to make in the future that will help them out of a holding pattern. This type of guidance is generally received by me through my intuitive senses or through the use of tools such as an oracle card deck or dowsing.

© Reiki Boundary, Lisa Rose Lodeski, 2016.

© Reiki Boundary, Lisa Rose Lodeski, 2016.

Reiki not only helps me create sacred space to do this work, but it also creates an energetic boundary so I’m able to do my intuitive work without interference from low level vibrations or frequencies. That’s important because I want only the most accurate and relevant information for my client. I also want the guidance and information delivered in a safe, loving environment. My intention is to gather quality rather than quantity of information and guidance that my client may use in practical ways for results. I find that Reiki is effective in creating and holding an energetic boundary often also acting as a gatekeeper or guardian monitoring the vibrations hanging around the outside of the Reiki Field.

I have a ritual that I use when I know I’m going to be working with several healing modalities in addition to Reiki. I clear and balance my own energy with Reiki first, and then prepare my Reiki studio. I use both Reiki and smudging to stir-up and clear out any negative vibes that may be hanging around inside and just outside of my studio space. My studio is regularly cleansed so it’s not often I find a heavy-duty negative vibe that requires more work, but it has happened when I’m working on location. In those instances, I may need to resort to dowsing to find the negative lurkers and blast them out with Reiki and smudging or a mini-soul-session convincing them to go into the Light. I also create a Reiki boundary directly around the area where my client will be located during the session. So, in effect, I have a boundary within a boundary. It works for me. When my client arrives, I give them a good smoking, too!

Sure, there are lots of ways to create energetic boundaries, and I suggest you go with whatever works for you. But, I’ve found that Reiki is a great tool for creating an energetic boundary whether or not Reiki is included in the client’s session. Most of my session include Reiki on some level.

Feedback from my clients has been positive and I’ve experienced an increase in repeat bookings for this type of Reiki session. Beyond that, the information and guidance received is spot on and practical in helping the client to have confidence in making new choices and decisions for themselves. All of this is in addition to the beautiful self-healing features of Reiki energy itself.

Thank you for spending your time with me today here on this. I appreciate you!

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This blog was first published Nov. 8 by Reiki Rays, an online blog.