Imagine wanting to communicate with a loved one who is not able to communicate at all.  Now imagine your loved one is able to communicate energetically, but not physically because of brain disfunction due to a stroke.  It’s a frustrating situation for both.  In this article, I share with you, as Reiki practitioners, the benefits of Reiki as a vehicle for telepathic communication and intuitive guidance, all within a Distant Reiki Session.

Just as I finished listening to Stroke of Insight, by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor (who wrote about the benefits of Reiki she experienced during her own stroke recovery), I received a request for a Distant Reiki Sessions from a friend of a young man who had suffered a stroke.  It had been months since – let’s call him Paul – had the stroke and he remained bedridden, eyes closed, with little reaction to life around him.  His mother visited daily to care for him.  Friends and family also offered their support.  I didn’t personally know this family; I’ve never met them, and our contact was through email.  I mention it as a testament to those who may still wonder if Distant Reiki Sessions are as effective as in-person session.  They are.  Of course, I consulted with Paul’s higher-self for approval for the Reiki session.  He pulled the Reiki and it flowed with great force in our sessions together.

I knew that Distant Reiki Sessions would relax Paul’s body, clear energetic blockages and balance the chakra system in support of self-healing.  I also knew that I would be able to communicate with Paul energetically, or through our guides, by including an intuitive guidance session within the Reiki session.  Although I’ve worked with incommunicable clients many times, I’m still pleasantly surprised by the quick, clear communication I receive once I’m “tapped-in”.  Paul jumped at the chance to communicate telepathically with me during the Reiki session.  “Ok.  He feels my vibe; he knows I can feel his.  I hear him and see images he projects to me as a way to talk”, I said to myself.  Our physical senses have a corresponding intuitive or psychic sense that operates pretty much the same but without constraints.  Clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance were the three intuitive senses I engaged in this case with a little claircognizance thrown into the mix.  Your intuitive senses need to be developed to do this type of work.

In my notes, I wrote, “Two chakras strong, full, powered-up; the heart and root chakras.  Root in survival mode.  Heart energy overflowing beyond the body.”  In my third-eye, I saw the words “love, love, love”; “mom”; “anxiety”; “messages”.  There was an urgency to express love and gratitude to Mom.  Paul wanted her to know how much he appreciated her full-tilt love.  “I hear you”, I said out-loud.  Scanning his body, I sensed the anxiety and frustration he felt about his condition.  Additional messages came in short spurts.  Paul continued to pull the Reiki as I steadily delivered it and scanned for information and guidance.  I intuitively saw his shoulder and neck area and the word “discomfort”.  His desire for more human touch registered with a specific request for his hands, feet, legs and shoulders to be gently massaged.  I could feel sore spots turning into wounds on his shoulder blades where they touched the bed.  For a second or two, I felt nauseous and my stomach was upset.  That was empathic.  Paul showed me that he had trouble putting thoughts together, everything was scrambled in his brain, even his hearing was not functioning normally.  The information was downloaded to me quickly, as if he wanted to get it all in before the connection was lost.  He showed me how he sees; shadowy with color moving left to right and light comes in waves.  Yes.  This level of detail is possible.

So.  My client ordered a Distant Reiki Session.  Not an intuitive guidance session which for me, as an intuitive, automatically comes through with each session.  Do I deliver the intuitive information, too, or just the report on the energetic happenings as I detect them in the Reiki session?  Reiki they understand.  But, communicate with the incommunicable?  That type of information could cause some to flat-out run.  Or label me as crazy.  I included the information in the report explaining that intuitive guidance often accompanies Reiki and that, in fact, this session included telepathic communication with Paul.  They were more than pleased.  Paul’s friend, who hired me, responded and confirmed, in part, that all the problematic pressure points I mentioned as causing discomfort were visible.  Caregivers alleviated physical stress on Paul’s body and the sores began to heal.  Healing touch was added, and Paul’s nausea was resolved.  Several more sessions were requested over a period of about a year.  Each session was different, as you might expect.  Ways to stimulate brain activity with children’s puzzles, for example, were communicated through guides during a subsequent session.  Also, that while the gatherings in his room by friends and family to recognize his birthday and holidays with parties were appreciated by Paul, the noise and stimulation were uncomfortable for his healing brain.  There are more examples I could share, but I believe I’ve illustrated my point for you.

I suggested the family read Stroke of Insight to better understand how they could improve Paul’s healing environment, and they did.  Several months and a few Reiki sessions later, I received news that Paul had opened his eyes one fine day and giggled.  Imagine the joy experienced by he and his family.

Reiki and intuitive guidance simply pass through me as a vessel.  We practitioners are simply facilitators trying to facilitate at the highest possible level.  Here, I share in practical terms, how I facilitated communication for this family with Reiki as the vehicle for telepathic communication.

After clearing my own energy with Reiki, I turned-on my recording app and began the Distant Reiki Session using a proxy.   Sometimes I use a pillow as a proxy, sometimes I imagine the person on my Reiki table.  I receive intuitive guidance so quickly that I found I needed a tool to capture the details.  I use Quick Voice Pro, an app on my Apple devices, and transcribe the recordings to a Reiki Report emailed to the client right afterward.  I first scan the body noting areas that will require extra attention.  I send Reiki and while at each chakra, I note changes in Reiki delivery, adjusting as necessary, and I “tune-in” to gather information about what is happening in each chakra and gather corresponding guidance on why it’s so.  For example, Paul’s heart chakra energy was full and spilling out way beyond the body.  It was, by far, the heaviest energy in the system.  I worked to balance the energy within the chakra itself and in alignment with the other chakras.  Intuitively, I learned the heart chakra energy was spilling over as an attempt by Paul to communicate the tremendous amount of love and gratitude he felt for everyone who lovingly cared for him.  Other forms of communication were impossible due to the stroke.  I went through each chakra and was able to provide information on the whats and whys of his energetic situation.

With this type of session, I tend to work in layers.  Scan, fill, release, fill, scan, clear the aura, scan, fill, release, scan, and so on until I sense all the chakras are mov’in and groo’vin as best is possible in one session and the Reiki sends the signal to close the session.  After closing and cleansing my own energy field, I sit down to listen to my notes and write my report.

The question I’m asked most often about blending Reiki with Intuition is:  How do I know if the messages I’m receiving are coming from the guides or directly from the client vs. my own thinking or imagination?  My answer is this.  When the information is coming directly from the person/guides, it is specific.  An image of sore spot on the skin.  A voice that says, “discomfort on my lower back from pressure at that point”.  It will likely also correspond with the hot/cold light/heavy Reiki energy flowing from your hands.  Also, the guidance wasn’t in your head until the guides dropped it there for you to intuitively experience.  It will be a brand new piece of info.  When you’re mind is trying to “help”, there is usually a lot of “figuring out” going on.  Maybe even questioning, analyzing, rationalizing.  That info, you can’t trust.  The accurate information comes through simply and directly.  Even in snippets.  Clarity comes from regularly exercising your intuitive abilities and having a personal language of signs and symbols that acts as shorthand (for those under 30, that would be like emoticons ;-)) for understanding what’s being received.  Second, you will likely experience clairaudience in a voice that isn’t your own.  You’ll be able to have a full or partial conversation.  In this case, I had telepathic conversations.  “What may I share with your family so they are able to better care for you?”  The answer came in a male voice as list of items.  If you aren’t sure of what you received as a “hit” of intuitive guidance, ask for it to be delivered again so you may clearly understand.  It will come.  If you’re struggling, Stop.  Ask a different question or the ask the same question in a new way.

It’s important to always pass along the information and suggestions received for the family with a qualifier suggesting that they check with the health care provider before implementing any changes in care.  We are not doctors or healthcare workers but rather energy workers and message deliverers.  It’s important to be clear about that fact.  Crystal clear.

It’s also important to maintain a neutral, unattached, observer-mode position when working with intuition.  Neutral facilitates the flow of accurate, objective information.  The minute you become emotionally involved, and start hoping and wishing and feeling this or that, you’ve contaminated the process.  And, your information will not be as clear or accurate as when you simply download and deliver.

What I would like for people to know, and the reason I am writing this article, is that telepathic communication and intuitive guidance are possible, even probable, within a Reiki Session.  And, developing the ability to deliver accurate guidance and information or messages for the incommunicable brings relief and joy not only for the client but for everyone involved with the care of an individual.  Even though it seems impossible to communicate, it’s not.  They are in there.  The spirit lives.  Reiki relaxes the body and mind and spirit to the point that the healing can progress and also so subtle forms of communication may be delivered energetically, telepathically, or as an inner-knowing to benefit the person receiving Reiki.

Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom. I appreciate you!