Last fall, I was honored to be asked by Reiki Rays to participate in a film, Reiki Age of Light, an overview of Reiki from the viewpoint of Reiki practitioners from across the globe.  I contribute to Reiki Rays as a blogger, and this is their first film about the benefits and stories of people in service to others as Reiki practitioners.  It’s a wonderful overview and introduction to Reiki for those of you who are curious.

My documentary debut is toward the end, so wait for it!  I talk about the benefit of Reiki as a way to expand a practitioners practice to include additional metaphysical practices or other modalities in the healing arts.  I blend Reiki with intuitive guidance sessions, for example.  I also blend it with soul work and at times mediumship.  It’s feel good film that I believe will inform and inspire you.  Enjoy!