“I attended a Desire Map mini workshop with Lisa and Robyn.  Admittedly, I was going only in support of my friend; however, once I was there I felt such a calming energy from Lisa and I really opened my mind and my heart to her process.  I was overwhelmed at what I was able to learn about myself and discover in such a short amount of time. ”

Emily Porta, California

I saw a post about Lisa’s “Awaken Your Natural Intuition” by chance, and I was drawn to taking the course when I was actually was planning to do something else in that time. I opened the course and I could not get up until I finished the entire course in one go. The course was simple, yet riveting. Loved it. Lisa’s style is gentle and clear, yet what she delivers has substance. It’s authentic and real. Her years of experience and knowledge are so evident in the content she delivers.

The first thing I got from the course was that I was able to acknowledge that I am indeed intuitive – something that I was not fully accepting. With what Lisa said, it was like I got the permission to be ok with being intuitive and say it loud, in a world that is mostly led by the head. I realized a few things in the meditation. Contrary to what I thought, my sensory intuition is not as high as my 6th sense.

I realized in doing the course that I must honor my 6th sense and do some work to allow it to send me more messages – clearer and stronger. This will not only help me take the right decisions but also help me guide my clients as a Business Coach.

Thank you Lisa and lots of love 🙂
Sampada Chaudhari
Mumbai, India

Hi my name is Sita and I am a Nurse and a Mom. I had a Reiki session with Intuitive Guidance with Lisa Rose. Lisa is an amazing healer, and I highly recommend her services. I will be going to her for healing again. I am writing this testimonial because I believe that it is important to support this kind of work. She is truly gifted!

Sita Shremenko
San Clemente, California

Most of my life I have sought after book, healing therapies, classes, workshops, groups, tools and or mentors to assist me in my journey towards personal growth and spiritual connection. Since the age of 28, I inspired to be wise. I thought that would be my final goal, the finale, ultimate wisdom. Now in my 40’s, my goal is still the same but I realize that this journey of mine is much deeper. The soul realignment reading by

Lisa Rose has changed my vision and has opened up my mind to other possibilities.

This reading has given me the missing pieces that I had been searching for to deepen my connection to spirit. It has connected some of the dots and created a new understanding of who I am, what I need to work on to evolve and to honor my Soul’s divine purpose. I will take this information and use it as a tool for discovering my divine nature and live my life dedicated to expressing my soul’s purpose.

Denise Getchell, Artist/Licensed Massage Therapist
Allentown, Pennsylvania

“The Truly Living Workshop with Linda White and Lisa Rose was the best 4 hours I’ve spent in the past year! Linda White and Lisa Rose are a divine and dynamic duo! Lisa Rose is a talented intuitive and taught me how to trust my inner voice and guidance again. Linda White used empowering life coaching skills to help teach me to let go of my fears and step into the freedom of my authentic self. I left the workshop feeling confident, alive, empowered, and ready to embrace my authentic, divine, intuitive self! Thank you Lisa Rose and Linda for lending your energy, your talent, your voices, and your hearts to encourage women everywhere to stop playing small and start authentically living!”

Victoria Gaumer
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

“Thanks for the workshop this weekend, it was so great and insightful.  So beautiful to see people like yourself living out/working their life’s passion and gifts.  Thank you for all you shared.”

Mary Flemming
Hilo, Hawaii

“The Soul Realignment™ Reading by Lisa shed some light on issues that I have had for a long, long time and helped me to better understand myself and what has held me back.  The energetics of the reading helped me to move forward.”

Laura Bailey
San Francisco, California

“Lisa’s work is both natural and enlightening to her clients. Her natural, wonderful personality sets one at ease in explaining how she works and one feels the connection instantly and warmly. Lisa’s ability to bring to the forefront issues that are relevant and helpful come into focus easily and are always on target. Her work and suggestions have lead to real solutions, and have been most helpful in connecting after a very traumatic accident. Lisa’s insights have helped to reconnect both heart and soul. She has an amazing ability to channel healing energy in her Reiki sessions connecting one to natural healing and beautifully touches and heals mind, body, and spirit.”

Deb and Jack D’Angelo
Corona Del Mar, California

“I greatly appreciate Lisa’s gifts, insight and support, always delivered reassuringly and gently. She relays messages from the spiritual or physical realm, that I need to consider for growth or change. Lisa’s objectivity and compassion is an addition to effective soul maintenance!”

Robin Fuld
Laguna Beach, California

“I always feel comfortable during Lisa’s readings.  The information I receive is very insightful and has given me a whole new outlook on life.  But most importantly, it has helped me focus and follow the path my heart truly desires.”

Jared Lodeski
Bennett, Colorado

“I have never received any guidance like this. It is very motivational and inspiring. Thank you, Lisa. Love you.”

Alexis Dunbar
Austin, Texas

“Lisa Rose has a tremendous soul-filled gift to help ease the spirit in a time of transition. Her guided meditation allowed me to feel connected to a sense of peace and possibilities. Lisa Rose is a treasure!”

Jillian Gabrielli
Corona del Mar, California

“I had a wonderful one-hour reading with Lisa.  It was informative and timely and gave me great insight as to where I am in my life and where I am headed.”

Marcella Pardo
Newport Beach, California

“Thank you Lisa for the wonderful Karuna Reiki session. It was a truly wonderful experience. I particularly liked the combination of the Reiki with the sound of your Tibetan singing bowls. I did hurt my shoulder and neck in a fall a few weeks ago and the agonizing pain was gone after the session and has been gone since. So thank you very much, and I can highly recommend everybody have a session with Lisa!”

Tania Costantini Zimmermann
Marbella, Spain

“Lisa performed distant Reiki on me while she was in Switzerland and I was in Oregon.  I had given her permission to do so, but I asked her not to let me know when it was happening.  I had been having chronic pain in my left heel for several months and asked Lisa for a Reiki session.

The evening I unknowingly received Reiki, I became extremely tired and had to take a nap.  I slept for about an hour and just thought I overdid it working that day.  When I awoke, I noticed that my heel did not hurt upon standing.  It was still a bit achy but not as painful.  I just attributed the improvement to my nap.  It did not occur to me that Reiki may have been performed.  The next day when I got up in the morning my heel did not hurt at all for the entire day.  That night I discovered that I had received my Reiki session the prior evening and it all made sense.

I am a firm believer in the healing benefits of Reiki.  I have seen the recovery and overall well-being in my dog, Toby.  And, I have felt the results personally.  I highly recommend the Reiki services provided by Lisa.”

Brent Palmer
Rockaway Beach, Oregon

“Lisa gave 3 Reiki sessions to my dog, Toby, when he wasn’t recuperating from surgery normally. Within 10 minutes of Lisa leaving our home, it was as if nothing was ever wrong with Toby. He ate, drank, slept, and was more self-assured, alert, happy, and uninhibited. I am forever grateful to Lisa.  She is an amazing Reiki Master that you must try.”

Jo Shariff
Rockaway Beach, Oregon