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What tools do you use to help you with intuitive guidance when planning a year ahead?  I like to use Oracle Cards.  They accurately give me a heads up on what’s up!

Annually, I give myself a New Year’s Oracle Guidance Session as part of my business and/or life planning.  You can do this anytime of the year.  You don’t have to use a calendar year.  Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually work, too.  But, I find that having an overall flavoring of the energy coming month by month over a year is helpful.  It’s fun, interesting, and in retrospect, accurate!

My annual planning session goes something like this:  I create a closing ceremony for the last year to both celebrate and release the previous year, then process how I want to feel in the coming year and think about what that looks like for me.  Then I consider how to go about manifesting what I want to create in life and my business.  Last, with my intention set, I work with the Oracle cards that I was guided by my intuition to use for the spread or double-spread.

Notice I did a double-spread for this session.  I used two different card decks.  The lower level are Oracle Cards, the upper level is a deck of inspirational quotes.  Use whatever works for you!  I let my intuition select which decks to work for the session.

Oracle Guidance Session by Truly Living | Lisa Rose

The Oracle Guidance Session pictured is for 12 months.  I start with an opening ceremony that includes smudging, incense burning, candlelight, crystals, meditation, and then I select the Oracle cards that feel right for this inquiry.  The cards depicted above are from The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron Reid and the Truthbomb Deck by Danielle LaPorte (which isn’t an Oracle, but I use it as one).  I pulled 12 cards from the first deck; laid them out in a circle around the centerpiece of candles and crystals; pulled 12 cards from the second deck; and placed them beside the first cards.  I stopped to take a few breaths and said out loud that I accept whatever is already coming and am grateful for the guidance to see me through.  The Oracle spread offers supporting guidance.  Nothing is written in stone, of course!  Things can and do change as you create your life.  However, I’ve found that the energy of the guidance is usually accurate and includes the changes!

I turn the cards over one by one and write the guidance for each month in ink on paper so I have it ready to review throughout the year.  Sometimes I shoot a pic of the card’s guidance from an included book from the author, print, cut and paste!

As I said before, in retrospect, it’s been accurate for me. The interesting thing is that after spending a week doing all my planning, and guessing at the potential issues and challenges that may come up, when I turned over cards I found they were relative, month-by-month, to the projects I’d already penned into my planner for the coming year!

I review my Oracle Guidance Session cards all at once, right away, for the whole year.  Then I review them month-by-month both at the beginning of the month and at the end.  It helps me fine-tune my intuition and use it daily in both my business and personal life.

Are you interested in having me create an Oracle Session for you?

Oracle Guidance Sessions

How would having Oracle guidance and knowing the flavor of the energy already coming to you change the way your create or react in your life?

There are several benefits to this type of session!  You’ll:

  • Receive an overview of the energy coming month by month.
  • Be guided to help you grow or stay on course in alignment with your desires.
  • Get specific suggestions on how to deal with blocks and obstacles already coming.
  • Understand the “flavor”of energy coming your way.
  • Have a heads up on what to be more conscientious about month by month.
  • Be more aware about changes or adjustments to consider as you navigate through the month.
  • Experience confirmations of intuitive guidance you may already received.

I offer two Oracle Guidance Sessions:

Oracle Guidance Session, 12 month spread, $225.

What You Get

I do all the work and send it to you by email.

I create the Oracle Guidance Circle for you, and email photos of the cards and descriptions of the monthly guidance to you.


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