Oracle Guidance – A Heads Up On What’s Up!

//Oracle Guidance – A Heads Up On What’s Up!

Oracle Guidance – A Heads Up On What’s Up!

When I finished my Oracle Guidance Session for the New Year, I thought it was so pretty I had to take a pic of it.  I grabbed my camera, aimed, and then saw the face.  My Oracle spread had a spirit head! I love it when that happens!

12-month Oracle Reading

12-month Oracle Reading

For the last few years, I’ve been giving myself a New Year’s Oracle Guidance Session as part of my business and/or life planning for the New Year.  It’s fun, interesting, and in retrospect, accurate!  I always create the Oracle Guidance after I have a closing ceremony to honor and let go of the previous year.  I go through a journey of how I want to feel, what I’d like to do in the coming year, how I’d like to go about manifesting my desires, and the last thing I do before closing my planning journey is create an Oracle Guidance Session for myself.

This particular Oracle Guidance Session is for 12 months.  I start with an opening ceremony that includes smudging, incense burning, candlelight, crystals, meditation, and then I select the Oracle cards that feel right for this moment.  This year I chose The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron Reid and the Truthbomb Deck by Danielle LaPorte (which isn’t an Oracle, but I use it as one).  I pulled 12 cards from the first deck; laid them out in a circle around the centerpiece of candles and crystals; pulled 12 cards from the second deck; and placed them beside the first cards.  I stopped to take a few breaths in and said out loud that I accept whatever is already coming and am grateful for the guidance to see me through.  The Oracle spread is a guiding support.  It’s a heads-up on what’s up!

I turned the cards over one by one and write down the guidance for each month in ink on paper so I have it ready to review throughout the year.  As I said before, in retrospect, it’s been accurate for me.  The interesting thing is that after having spent a week doing all my 2016 planning, and guessing at the potential issues and challenges that may come up, when I turned over cards I found they were relative, month-by-month, to the projects I’d already penned into my 2016 planner!  You know what?  That happened last year, too.  Here’s an example.  I pulled these two cards for the month of January:  Making A Choice and Love The Necessary Hard Work.


The choice that I had already made for January 2016 was to serve a wider audience by moving my classes and programs online for purchase and download.  That requires a lot of hard work.  I’ll need to incorporate the technology needed; create the programs; and market them online.  New for me, and exciting, and gee I wish I could hand off that work to an assistant, but I don’t have one…yet.  So, I’ll be making all the choices and loving the hard work.  Knowing that hard work is what coming along with my choices gives me a heads up on the type of energy moving in my direction.  Steps I’ve already taken to prepare myself are things like getting to bed earlier, meditating regularly, exercising more, eating well, and starting the day with an intention.  These cards are already clear and useful because I’m now in the thick of it; the planning and creating of the first month of the New Year are happening now and the cards confirmed what’s already in motion.  Let’s look at my card pull for September, 2016.


Your Not Alone and Solitude.  Sounds like an contradiction.  But, I know exactly what that means!  Ok, here’s my take on it.  September is going to be hectic.  My planner notes include sourcing a scheduler to add to my website and creating a mentorship program.  Both are big bites!  The details of which could be mind boggling in the creative stages.  Often when things are getting crazy, I step back and do nothing.  I intentionally avoid the work and relax.  An afternoon in the hammock or at the beach, long lunch with friends or long hikes.  I let the Universe work on it and put some of the pieces together for me before getting back to it all.  And, it works!  When I re-enter my self-created arena, I’m focused and situations have resolved themselves.  So, for me, I already know from this Oracle Guidance Session that something in September is going to best be served with me stepping out of my own way and letting the Universe help me out before stepping back in.  And, I don’t even know exactly what it is yet, but I know it’s coming!  And I accept!

Now, I’m tempted to turn this Oracle Guidance Session into a blog series to share with you as an example of the month-by-month guidance and how it served me in retrospect.  Would that be interesting?

This type of reading has been so beneficial to me that I decided to start offering it as a service!

Oracle Guidance Sessions

Oracle Guidance Sessions will cover 12 or 6 months (your choice) for your biz or life (your choice) and you may start at anytime (it doesn’t have to be January, that’s just my ritual).  I’ll create the Oracle Guidance Circle for you, and email photos of the cards and descriptions of the monthly guidance for you.

Oracle Guidance Session, 12 month spread, $125.

Oracle Guidance Session, 6-month spread, $75.

There are several benefits to this type of reading.  You’ll receive an overview of the type of guidance that will serve the purpose of helping you grow or stay on course in alignment with your desires.  You’ll read specific suggestions on how to deal with blocks and obstacles already coming.  The “flavor” of energy coming your way is forecasted and may also serve as a head’s up for you to change course or adjust, if you so desire.  You may find that the guidance also serves as confirmations for you.

I tend to review my Oracle Guidance Session cards all at once, right away, and again briefly at the beginning of the month or when I’m reviewing my planner or goals.  I always review them again month-by-month at the end of the year for the retrospect ah-ha moments that serve as lessons for me.  It also helps me fine-tune my intuition and use it daily in both my business and personal life.  Interested?

Click here to order yours:  Oracle Guidance Session


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