Uncover your soul-centered vision, tap into intuitive self-trust, and create a life that feels like a perfect fit with New Beginnings, Soul Coaching Program for independent, spirited women.

Are you an independent, successful woman ready for a change but not sure about your next step or how to create it?

You’ve been searching for what’s next but haven’t found a new direction.

You want a deeper soul connection and to fully trust your intuition, too.

You want more clarity before you make a move.

You’re ready to invest in yourself to create the change and meaningful experiences you’re craving.

You crave a more soul-centered life, but don’t know where to start.

A soul-centered life includes a deeper spiritual connection, intuitive trust, and knowing your soul is in the lead.

Creating change can be intimidating, a little scary, and exciting all at the same time.  You’re ready for it!

You feel called to create a new chapter in life, hit the restart button, reinvent yourself, transform what you have into something better.

You’ve had a successful career, but now want something new or different.

The kids are grown, and now it’s time for you and what you want.

Life is pretty good, but you feel like you’re going through the motions and want some excitement.

Knowing yourself at soul level has been on your mind for some time.

You’re willing to deep dive into self-discovery and make new choices with your newfound clarity and wisdom.

You’re ready to travel inward on a journey to yourself.

Led by your soul, guided by your intuition, it’s a journey that only you can make.  And it feels good.

You’ve been waiting to feel this way for years –

Guided by your soul, grounded, clear, deeply satisfied and excited for more in your life or business.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

New Beginnings, a 90-day Soul Coaching Program

In this program, I’ll help you

Connect to your inner guidance and wisdom so you trust yourself and your decisions .

Identify your soul callings so you can move in a direction that creates the life you want now.

Practically apply the knowledge and wisdom gained from self-discovery so your new choices are in alignment with your vision.

Take steps to create a New Beginning that will bring the success and fulfillment you’ve been searching for.


Working with Lisa over the past few years has been helpful on so many levels.  Not only have I been able to gain a deeper understanding of my Soul’s purpose, but I’ve also been able to grow my confidence and courage in actualizing my professional dreams.

Lisa’s guidance was what I needed to get out of my own way.  What I found so helpful in working with Lisa, was how she ensured I was clear on what was revealed to me on a spiritual level but also brainstormed with me on ways to take action with the information I gained.  While she could have given me the answers, she was thoughtful in guiding me to find my own answers that aligned with my deepest spiritual gifts.

If you’re feeling stuck, lost or with too many options professionally or personally, I highly recommend working with Lisa.

Robyn D’Angelo, LMFT, California

Apply for your complimentary Soul Clarity Call

On this call, we’ll talk about where you’re at, what you’re trying to get clarity about and how I can help.

My clients have gone from …

Closing a business that was no longer satisfying to reinventing themselves and creating a new business that feels right.

Feeling bored in an empty nest to purposefully creating a new lifestyle in a new location.

Feeling lost after a break-up to being happy to create a new life they love more.

Desiring a deeper spiritual connection to creating a spiritual practice for grounding, clarity, and guidance.

Wanting more clarity before making a life change to taking an intuitive leap and moving to a foreign country.

Being in unhappy relationships to ending what no longer serves them and creating relationships that do.

Feeling alone and desiring companionship to realigning to their soul to attract the perfect partner.

Inside New Beginnings

The program starts with a deep dive into self-discovery to identify what is and isn’t working in your life.

This crucial step kicks to the curb what’s been blocking you from feeling great about your life so you’re free to create something new.

Early in the program, you’ll go on a future vision quest to visit yourself one year from now, and gather information from the future on how the choices you’re making right now create your future reality.  It’s also valuable for figuring out what didn’t work along the way.

Included in the 90-day soul coaching program:

  • Your Soul Blueprint, a custom created 25+ page pdf that describes your soul in detail, and addresses current issues blocking your ability to create what you desire + an energy clearing. (Value $1K).
  • 6 live 1:1 coaching sessions scheduled on Zoom to help you practically create the changes you want to integrate into your life.
  • Support between live sessions by email, text, or voice during business hours to help you stay clear, grounded, and moving forward at your own pace.
  • 1 follow-up session 30 days after completing the program to answer questions and offer additional coaching or intuitive guidance.
  • Soul guidance from your soul record as needed with me channeling the information for you.
  • Energy clearings.
  • Access to my resources.
  • Entry to my online courses for intuition development, manifesting, connecting with spirit guides at your request.

You’ll leave this 3 month journey with everything you need to feel confident as you move into a new direction in your life.

Know yourself better than ever before.

Make new intuitive choices that you can trust are best for you.

Connect with your soul and let it lead the way forward.

Shift your mindset and perspective to see possibility and opportunity.

Embrace change and use it to your advantage.

Flip from fear to confidence as you create a life you love.

Gain clarity on who you are and what you want now, and make it happen.

Become the curator of your contentment.

More Results

After working with Lisa, I feel much more confident, free, and comfortable in my own skin. I feel in alignment with a sense of purpose. I have better boundaries. I’m more aware of my limits.

I respect the “sacred pause” and believe delays sometimes are meant for protection. I feel my spirit guides with me all the time & I communicate with them. They help me make better decisions. I don’t feel alone.

The exercises in the coaching program help me visualize & manifest. It’s easier to manifest what I want or desire. Things happen more easily & quickly. Many blocks & restrictions have been removed. I’m in the right place at the right time more often.

I feel hopeful, I’m positive. Life seems better & easier. And, I am happy!

– Caryl Peterson, Colorado

I’ve known Lisa since the early 1990’s and admire her strength, knowledge, and clarity of thought. Her coaching program gave me a structure to reflect, look for insight, and return to a spirit world I had always held dear in the past. Her 1:1 coaching sessions helped me connect with her and she answered my questions thoughtfully and with Grace.

I feel more balanced, even when someone tries to push me off balance. I learned to say no when I need to and no longer feel guilty for taking naps and better care of myself. I also reconnected with Spirit and feel so much better about myself.

I highly recommend Lisa’s coaching program. No matter what level of spiritual awareness you’re at, your life will light up, your being will shine and even if tough times are ahead, handling them will be so much easier.

– Deborah Barr, Professor of Art, California

New Beginnings can help you create your soul-led vision if you are …

Suddenly single
An empty nester
Ready for a lifestyle change
Desire a fresh start
Ready for reinvention
Looking for new excitement in your life
Secretly wishing for a new beginning but don’t know where to start
Ready to realign your life to your soul’s purpose and expertise
Experience how your intuition and soul callings are already trying to guide you forward.

Are You Ready for Your New Beginning?

Book a Soul Clarity Call with me.  We’ll talk about –

Where you’re at now in your life and how you want it to be different.

How to get clear on your direction so you can take a step forward to create change.

If I’m the right coach for you.

Details about the program.