Naz Meknat is the author of 7000 Miles to Freedom, her story about fleeing Post-Revolutionary Iran twenty years ago to save her life from a violent, abusive marriage, and her journey as an illegal refugee on the run to freedom in the United States at a time when Western nations were not open to receiving Iranian refugees. She is also an activist and advocate for women’s rights, domestic abuse support, and a celebrity stylist in Los Angeles, specializing in dressing men for red carpet events, film and promotional projects.

In this episode Naz talks with me about:

Her life growing up in post-revolutionary Iran.

Using intuition to survive.

How she preserved her mental health in the midst of violent domestic abuse.

Escaping Iran as an illegal refugee bound for the U.S. to join family.

Challenges, struggles, and her determination to find a way out of her country and situation.

The helpers along the way.

Freedom as the focus and center-point of her early life journey.

Assimilation into American culture and reawakening her Persian cultural roots to become Iranian-American.

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