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Here’s a tip on how to prepare yourself for working with your spirit guides by doing something almost all of us do daily, listen to music.

I learned this technique from my teacher, Sonia Choquette, years ago when I was training with her in Chicago.

Listening to music is a great way to relax and turn off your mind chatter. Music can move your spirit to dance, smile, and just feel good. It helps you feel your spirit, and when you’re in touch with your own spirit, it’s easier to connect to your spirit guides.

It’s also easier to connect to one spirit guide at a time, but sometimes we can’t predict how many spirit guides are going to present themselves to you for guidance when you request it. You may have a crowd! And, they may all be trying to communicate with you all at the same time! It may be difficult to figure out who is saying what! This is where listening to music helps.

Music listening, deep listening, helps to train you to differentiate between a variety of vibrations and frequencies in the form of sound.Your spirit guides are as interesting and varied as a rich piece of music.

Select a beautiful piece of classical music that you like (it’s easiest to start with classical that has a large variety of musical instruments playing in a composition) and listen to it uninterrupted with headphones or earbuds. Do this a few times and listen deeply to distinguish the different sounds created by various instruments. Also notice how you feel when you hear certain sounds that resonate with you. Sophisticated compositions use vibration and sound to communicate emotion, adventure, story-telling, and often your guides will be communicating those same ideas through vibration.

Later, when you are working with teams or councils of spirit guides, you may have several trying to communicate to you at the same time and it’s helpful to be able to distinguish one from the other vibrationally. Listening to music can get you in the habit of listening to a whole piece of sound or selecting a part of it for your focus.

Most people listen lightly to music, but when you listen deeply, you experience sounds that appears for just a moment, to make a point in the composition, and the listening experience, and it’s easy to miss. It’s the same with your spirit guides. You may miss a point if you aren’t listening deeply.

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