Thanks to everyone who signed up for this free group distant Reiki session today.  In group sessions, I send the Reiki to everyone who asked for it and listen for guidance from my Reiki guides and Spirit guides to pass on to you. I receive the guidance for the group, not necessarily for each individual.  The following guidance was delivered throughout the session and I’m listing it here for you.  Some of this guidance will be specifically for you, and some will be for others in the group.  If the guidance resonates with you, then it’s for you.  Take it and leave the rest.

Distant Reiki is performed by me at the designated time.  We don’t meet.  I simply send the Reiki to you and you receive it on your end.  There’s no live connection, other than energetically.  You will receive it whether you are sleeping, watching t.v., working, relaxing, or whatever else you may be doing.  You may feel extremely relaxed, lighter, and more balanced.

The purpose of this particular session was to relieve and release grief and it’s associated symptoms that are being held in the physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual body.  The grief can range from disappointment to loss.

Here are the guiding notes from my spirit guides from this session.  Some of these notes are direct mediumship connections which sometimes happens in the Reiki field.  Others are bits of guidance or information on the type of grief that was released or relieved.

For the loss of a best friend:

He says he didn’t see it coming; it was quick.  Yes, he came to visit on the day you thought he was there.  He continues to watch over you and wants you to know you have a friend on the other side. He feels you grieving and sends you love and a hug and thanks you for loving him so deeply.


Specifically, disappointment in a client and a lost opportunity!  Disappointment is an opportunity is the guiding message.

Loss of a mother.

I’m seeing your mother on the bleachers in 1977 at NHS during a field hockey game.  Her hands are cupped together and filled with bright new shiny dimes.  She was present at your daughter’s graduation and she was also at the dinner when a joke was told and everyone was laughing at the joke and she thought that was funny, and was laughing with you.  She also is showing me pink and yellow ribbons.

Loss of a relationship.

There are two losses here.  One is familial and the other is a loving relationship from the past.  The grief associated with the loss of the past relationship was released from the physical body.  The familial loss is in the present and there is also some anger in the ego that is continuing this drama.  Finding a way to release the anger from the ego is the way to go on this one.  Take a roller coaster ride and scream it out, dance it out, or write it out on paper and burn it.  Your ego is really trying to hold onto being right.

The loss of a father, CA.

Great grieving is present for the father.  The father is wonderful.  The love is huge and the love that is coming through the reiki for you from the father is huge.  “My baby girl, my baby girl, that’s daddy’s girl”, I hear.  He misses you as you miss him.  He often tries to reach out and hug you.  He wonders if you feel anything or if you notice it.  He shows me a chocolate drink or maybe it’s a milkshake with whip cream on top.  It’s frothy, something that maybe you’d order in an ice cream shop with two straws that are red and white with a cherry on top.

The loss of a pet.

A dog that was a faithful companion comes through and is curled up on a sofa resting.  The message is one of peace.

Loss of a marriage.

The guides were very specific to avoid the use of alcohol and weed to soothe your grief because those substances, at this time, are actually feeding the grief and it’s being re-manifested as depression.  Cut out the alcohol and weed until you are healed from the grief and then you can introduce them back into your life recreationally.

Loss of a father, PA.

A quietly strong man.  He’s very proud of you and wishes you happiness on your new journey. He says he will be at the wedding.  “I’m going to the wedding”, he says.

Disappointment in a relationship.

This feels like a friendship, one that you would actually like to make closer, but there is disappointment present.  You may perceive it as a death of the relationship, but it’s not.  It’s disappointment resulting from the other person’s action, something which is not in your control.

Disappointment with a husband.

The initial disappointment is continuing and the associated anger with the disappointment is making things worse.  The grief is about the honeymoon being over.  There seems to not be enough time for “us” anymore and each of the partners is wondering when they will get more of what they want rather than wondering how much more they can give to help their partner not feel disappointed.  Therein lies the guidance.

Sibling issues.

A great disappointment in a sibling.  Irresponsibility and possibly addiction issues are causing the stress with this sibling.  The desire to cause or effect change is being met with resistance and creating more distance in the relationship.  Let go of the need to control; everyone has to create their own contentment.

Loss of a relationship with a sister.

The grief is associated with the loss of the relationship, and the loss won’t be repaired, but the symptoms associated with the grief for the loss were released.  The being misunderstood vibe is present and that was compounding the loss of the relationship.

A lost soul.

There is one person in the group on a journey after feeling “lost”.  So, there isn’t grieving per se, but there are losses of old friends that were or are necessary for the journey to be successful.  These losses are directly associated with the new choices you are making to make your self whole, grounded, and in alignment with your true self.  You’ve also lost the need for approval, which is not to be grieved and which you are no longer seeking.

Loss of life before the accident.

There is grieving for the loss of how life was before the accident.  A lifestyle, a way of living, and there was some fear being held in the energetic body as a result of that loss that was released.

Loss of a child.

This particular loss felt like a miscarriage of an entire relationship and the loss of the opportunity to give motherly love.  The whole relationship “miscarried”, and that is the source of the grief.  There is also associated drama within the family over this issue that extended the grief.

Loss of a friendship.

The friendship was imbalanced.  Honor the good times, and let the rest go.

Loss of material objects.

Sometime the objects need to go because the attachment to the material world is preventing spiritual growth.  The energy in the object continues to be held as the object heads out on a new journey.  Sometimes the objects is lost, stolen, or just disappears.  And sometimes it reappears.  Practicing non-attachment will help relief the sense of the loss and fear of losing more.  Let your ego have it’s moment of disbelief but then snap out of it and not dwell on the loss so you aren’t overly attached to the material world.

The general guidance for everyone feeling disappointment is to try to change your perspective and understand disappointment as an opportunity to rethink, change it up, make a new choice, do some self-examination, and look for the opportunities that the disappointment present, too.

General guidance for those grieving is to understand that we are constantly in flux, and everyday is a new day, and to work with where you are at on that particular day.  Some stages you’ll go through more quickly than others, but it’s important to honor yourself in the process and not beat yourself up for grieving.  Things will not go back to “normal”, because there is no normal.  There’s only adjustment and realignment.

Before closing the session, I scanned each of your individually to see which of your chakras was not in balance with the others as a whole, and did a brief individual Reiki session to bring your chakras into balance.  Those of you who are suffering from deep grief have chakras that are not powered up.  It’s almost as though the chakras are sleeping. For those individuals, I delivered Reiki, but this was a short group session, and I would suggest you have a full distant reiki session with a reiki master (like me!) to help bring your chakras into balance and further relieve the associated symptoms of grief.

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