The Many Benefits of Intuition

Yes, there is a difference between living life on 5 senses vs. living life as a six-sensory, an intuitive being.

Intuition is natural, so you already have it.  Whether or not you use it is, of course, up to you.  I know that when I started trusting my intuition, it became stronger and many of my unawakened intuitive senses kicked in to round out those that were already awakened and delivering guidance to me.  Your body is your intuitive instrument.  It receives the vibrations of intuitive “hits” first before your mind can comprehend what is happening.  With training, your intuitive abilities act as a partner in life ushering in the many benefits of intuition.

What could happen when you awaken your intuition?

Here’s a list of 38 benefits of awakening your intuition.  You may experience some or all of these.  You may experience some of them in varying degrees or just sometimes or all the time.  We are unique individuals and our intuition is unique to us, too.

When you awaken your natural intuition, you may find that you:

Trust yourself and your inner knowings.

Look inside for answers instead of outside.

Make decisions more quickly.

Understand vibration and act on it.

Reduce stress and anxiety caused by over-analyzing and an over-thinking mind.

Become more receptive to new ideas that your mind may instantly want to ignore.

Hear your inner voice.

Align with your true purpose.

See a bigger picture than the one presented.

Discover hidden truths.

Recognize the nudges of intuition toward that which is best for you.

Move forward rather than remain stuck in indecision.

Make decisions more effectively, quickly, and are decisive in a rapid fire environment.

Know when not to make a decision and wait for more information or better timing.

Acquire an internal gps system.

Understand and learn how to use your “feelings” as language or information.

Open to the possibilities presented by the irrational.

Lose fear of saying NO.

Gain clarity.

Experience self-empowerment.

Gain confidence in yourself and your decisions.

Silence the judge and critic in your mind.

Eliminate living on fear and live on trust instead.


Discard worry.

Live life in the flow.

Open up your creativity and imagination.

Improve your physical, mental, and emotional health by relieving stress

Know yourself on a deep level.

Understand your connection to energy.

Increase your powers of observation.

Tune into your body as your intuitive instrument.

Connect with others easily.

Let go of your own negative emotions.

Eliminate negative forces in your life, be it people, places, situations, circumstances.

Enjoy alone time.

Quickly assess a situation or person accurately.

Make better choices.

For many, just one or two of the benefits on that list is worth the time and effort of awakening their intuition.

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