Lisa’s Birthday Special!

//Lisa’s Birthday Special!

Lisa’s Birthday Special!


I like to do something special for others to celebrate my birthday!  March is birthday month for me, so I’m offering a special, 20-minute, private, spirit-guided session for $59.00.

In this session, I create sacred space between us, invite your spirit guides and mine into the space, and act as a medium or channel for you to communicate with your spirit guides, with mine on standby to help with interpretation and translations of the subtle signs and symbols spirits use to communicate.

Very limited availability!  I’m scheduling for March 20, 21, and 23 only!  Schedule your special session here:

Lisa’s Birthday Special

Other Options

If you prefer a 30 or 60 minute private session instead, schedule that here:

30 minute private session with Lisa

60 minute private session with Lisa


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