No matter where she is or where she goes, she’s bound to attract a crowd — but not because she’s particularly loud or attention-seeking. People naturally gravitate to her because when they are in her presence they feel seen. While her gift of captivating gab is undeniable, it is her innate talent for engaging with others without the need to be the center of attention that makes her so delightfully charming and charismatic. She’s a Libra lady, and people can’t get enough of her!

Born between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October, Libras are the 7th sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the planet Venus and governed by the element Air. Libras essence, lucky color, and gemstone can be visualized as a goddess of justice, dressed in elegant blue and adorned with incandescent opal, perfectly balanced between the sun and the moon as she holds the earth in eternal harmony and divine equilibrium.

Libra gals have a remarkable ability to find commonality in anyone and everyone they encounter, so they often have many different and diverse groups of friends. Their gregarious Yang energy drives them to approach life through their social framework, and the rich and dynamic relationships that they build are not only abundant, but truly what give them purpose and make them thrive.

A Libra gal values harmony above all else, so it is no wonder that she strives to create harmony wherever she senses dissonance. Because she can see and appreciate the unique strengths in everyone around her and believes from the bottom of her heart that we are better as a whole when we embrace our individual differences, she is the ultimate mediator and peacemaker of the Zodiac.

Ruled by Venus, Libra gals are lovers of love and deeply moved by beauty in all its many forms. Whether she is awestruck by the brilliant glow of a radiant sunset or enchanted by a work of fine art, Libras appreciate aesthetic appeal like no other. They have exquisite taste in fashion and decor, and while they would never define themselves by the label on their clothes or price tag on their possessions, they are certainly known to indulge in a little luxury every once in a while.

Libra gals are infamous for taking what can feel like aeons to make even the smallest decisions, but as their sign, the scales, would imply, it is simply in their nature to weigh all options and think carefully about each potential course of action. While it may drive you crazy, they only want to ensure that all aspects are taken into fair and equal consideration, and that the outcome will be one that benefits the collective as a whole.

Great at manifesting, we can all learn a lesson from Libra ladies who live as though they already have what they want in life while weaving together opportunities to actually get it.


A Libra gal looks for an even blend of intelligence and physical appeal in her partner, and when she falls in love, she falls fast and she falls hard. Nothing turns her on like a thoughtful conversation about current events in world or philosophies of life, but there is a playful side to her as well that needs to be expressed. Libra gals love to banter, crave adventure, and savor creative collaborations. But, as with everything else in her life, balance is key, and her romantic relations are no exception — if and when she feels that other areas in her life are being dominated by her relationship, she will likely pull back a bit to regain her sense of personal equilibrium. Therefore, a partner who is invested in their own goals and ambitions just as much as their relationship is ideal.  Traditionalists need not apply for a romantic partnership with Libra ladies. 

While on the surface, Lady Libra appears to have the potential to be a supportive, nurturing, dutiful wife or partner, that last part will shock Libra into fleeing through the trap door when it turns into an expectation.  There is no qualm about equality among the sexes for Libra ladies.  She was born equal and possibly superior to men in her mind and spirit.  Think Samantha Stevens, the character from Bewitched, a 1960’s television series, where Darin, the husband, learns his wife is a witch after the marriage.  Samantha played the traditional wife in public, but wielded the bewitching power in private for bette or worse.  Darin’s traditionalist posturing was entertainment for Samantha, but when things turned to her disliking, she could evaporate into thin air, the greatest escape of all, and Libra Ladies always have a way out should things not be to their liking. 


Sex is a casual affair for Lady Libra.  She’ll make the first move often in a dramatic way with a lustful stare or an eye-to-eye conversation.  Without words she can direct you to the next move with a glance from you to the phone, from you to the door, from you to a pen on the counter to write down a phone number.  Occasionally the glance is more suggestive like when it’s from you to a spot for a quickie.  Libra ladies have no problem objectifying men, but do not objectify women, whether straight or gay.  The two requirements to be a Libra Lady contender are smart and attractive.  Occasionally they’ll waste some time with a hot body, but prefer the mind come along with it.  These ladies do not commit easily, so you can trust that you’re a sex object until you’re not.  No other sign understands the power of sex like a Libra Lady.  It is not unusual for her to add sex to business to secure a better deal or get a discount on future groceries.  Libra ladies perform sex guilt-free and are experts in the bedroom.  Enchanting and lusty by nature, Libra Lady is happy to satisfy herself with or without you with a frequency that reveals her hidden divine masculine tendencies.  Her femininity is a facade to her more androgynous interests in the bedroom.  In the right circumstances, Libra will roll any which way including loose.  Dirty talk will get you nowhere with a Libra lady, however.  Nor will the kink.  There is a courting approach to copulation that is a requirement for Libra’s.  Even if you are a one night stand, or a quickie on the subway.  All partners are unknowingly tested.  The open invitation to engage in sex any way you like is a test to see exactly what you are willing to give and take.  Observant of every move, Libra will pass judgement on what you chose to do, and you may or may not get a second chance based on that first performance because she is, after all, principled.

Rarely do Libra women have one partner or a handful of sexual partners for life.  Even when in a committed relationship or marriage, Libra will likely stray or add a partner to the existing mix to relieve boredom or expand their progress of human experiences.  The latter should not be underestimated!  Open marriages or unconventional relationships work best because Libra is a thinker and prefers an open mind to a closed traditionalist structure.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t a potential for fidelity – it’s just not the most important trait.  Libra Lady’s best partners are confident, independent and nurturing, delighted by surprise, open-minded, and hold on loosely when accepted into a relationship.


Because of their core belief that everyone has something special to offer and their capacity for bringing people together around a common goal, Libra gals are perfect for leadership and management roles. Their ability to inspire also makes them wonderfully effective teachers, and their fierce desire to build a world that is just and fair make them passionate lawyers, social workers, or advocates for social justice issues. Of course, their keen eye for beauty makes them fantastic artists, photographers and interior designers as well.








Julie Andrews, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Serena Williams, Barbara Walters, Kate Winslet, Olivia Newton John, Naomi Watts, Susan Sarandon, Kamala Harris, Emilia Clarke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Linda McCartney, Gwen Stefani, Cardi B.

Research and draft writing of this blog by Claire DelGrippo, edits by me.

In the pic:  Karin Bellantoni and me at Mesa Grill in New York City.