Are you stressed out?  What would your life be like without stress?  What would you be willing to do to manage it or get rid of it?  How about focusing on your breath for several minutes a few times a day?  It can be that easy.  Meditation changed the way I manage stress and I believe it will effect your life if you give it a chance.  Most people I ask, say they don’t have time to meditate, or they can’t shut down their busy mind, or they tried and it didn’t work.  I find that once you discover a way to meditate that works for you, meditation becomes not only easy but something you’ll look forward to.  I created an E-Book to help you!

Learn to Meditate is a self-guided tour of various ways to meditate. This e-book will quickly help you discover a meditation technique that works best for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

You’ll learn how to meditate using your breath, looking at visual objects, listening to music and sound, working with chanting and mantras, and with partners.

I included worksheets with prompts to support your learning, and to help you record your experiences as you learn more about yourself and what is and isn’t working for you. Included is a Spotify playlist link where I gathered a variety of different types of music, chant, and sound for you to use as meditation tools, given sound works for you! I also created a video series for visual meditation so can experience meditating with your eyes open and focusing on a visual object or subject accessible with a link, too. There are resources and recommendation for books and tools at the end.

Meditation is easy once you discover a method, technique, and tools that work for you.

You’ll find advanced meditation practices in the E-book, too. You’ll learn how to gather intuitive guidance inside a meditation. You’ll discover the practice of Sourcing and how it connects you to your higher-self for unconditional support and love. And you’ll learn how to expand your practice to include a willing partner to more deeply connect and support each other through meditative partnership.

The number one reason people want to learn to meditate is to manage stress.

Be it 3 minutes a day or 30 minutes, you will realize the oh-so-many benefits of meditation with regular practice. It’s not how long you meditate that is effective; it’s how consistently you meditate that makes the difference!

Meditation is also a powerful tool for developing your intuitive abilities and working with spirit guides.

Learning to meditate is a life-long gift to yourself. It changed my life; and I’m certain it will have an effect on yours.

I packaged the E-book with a Video Class that includes advanced meditation practices for you to try.  Click here to enroll:

 Learn to Meditate