Jumping into My Soul Stream, Truly Living with Lisa Rose

I arrived in California on a hot August day after driving across the country in my 1979 Camaro; a 3-week trip that lasted a magical 3 months. Leaving before the smart-stuff, like laptops and cellphones were invented, I was light. Just me and my jumper cables, a bottle of Castrol oil, and a bag of quarters to make a call. I stuffed necessities into a suitcase and tossed it in the trunk. The AAA card was on board for an emergency, and I had cigarettes, a Bic, and a bottle opener in case of a real emergency, plus grandma’s rosary beads. Cassette tapes were on the floor in a box, many recorded by friends from vinyl records including their well wishes and jokes in case our paths never crossed again. I reinvented myself at the wheel that summer. It felt like I was jumping off a cliff, but I was really jumping into my soul stream. That place where everything feels right.

”You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you will find you get what you need”. Jagger & Richards are right. Your intuition will also steer you away from whatever is not in service to your soul. Take the lessons and leave the rest behind, with love, as you move forward.

A few years ago, I felt like I wanted a chance at that blank slate, again. I had to ask the tough question, “what do I really want now?” The answer rolled out instantly. I want to fine tune my intuitive abilities and teach others how do the same; spend chunks of time in Hawaii and Europe; be the best energy worker I can be; explore my inner-scape and align my life with my soul’s purpose. And there it was, my truth. Substitute “I want” with “I intend” and the universe will rush to your aid. With intention and reinvention as my partners, I, again, created the next chapter on my journey. And so can you!