Hi and welcome to Journey to Your Soul’s Akashic Record Training.

I want to take a minute to explain what we’re going to do in this training, and what you can expect, and then we’ll start. 

First, be wide open to possibility.  The information that you receive in your soul record is likely to be something other than what you expected.  Often people come to their soul records looking for confirmation of a preconceived idea as the answer to their question when there is something better coming along for you as an option. 

Be wide open especially when the information seems irrational or even ridiculous… it’s important so that you get good quality information that you can take action on right away.

Be wide open to the possibility of a multitude of options that might be presented to you as you are seeing guidance and information in your Soul’s Akashic Record. 

The method we’re going to use to access your soul record is guided meditation.  

Listen to my voice for prompts and engage your imagination to take you on this journey. 

It’s easy and simple…

You don’t have to know a lot about soul records to get an answer to your question. 

Just follow the journey. 

Almost everyone has been to a library and has pulled a book from a shelf so that’s the type of situation that I’ll be using to help you access your soul record. 

There are lots of ways that we can do this, but this is the way that we’re going to do it today because it’s easy and it’s simple.  

We’ll be visiting a divine library filled with soul records in the form of books and we’ll ask for the book that answers your question. 

Let’s talk about the types of questions to ask in your soul record. 

It’s best to formulate your question before you begin the journey. 

Questions that can be answered with a yes or a no are not the best questions because the answer can be “no” which may mean “no, not yet”.   So create a question that leaves you wide open to possibility. 

Here are a couple of examples:

What is the next best step for me to take forward to (fill in the blank)?  

How can I best prepare myself to (fill in the blank)?

Why am I stuck in (fill in the blank) and how can I get out?   

Show me the options for (fill in the blank)?

When will be the best time for me to (fill in the blank)?

Where do I need to search for the answer to (fill in the blank)?

If you don’t have a specific question to ask, the best question to ask for general guidance in the Akashic Record is: 

What guidance do you have for me at this time? 

Take a minute now and think about the question that you would like ask and be as specific as you possibly can. 

Let’s begin. 

Make yourself comfortable. You can be seated, or lying down you or sitting on a chair, as you like. 

Close your eyes; breathe in and out… 

Begin to notice your breath… 

Set an intention to visit your soul’s Akashic Record and be open to possibility in receiving an answer. 

Now let’s get grounded. 

Imagine there’s a golden thread that comes out of your sit bones; out of your root chakra that goes straight through the floor; straight through the Earth; the mantle, past the lava and blasts into a beautiful crystal cave; and allow that golden tendril to wrap itself around the first crystal that you notice. 

Take a breath in; you’re anchored deeply to Mother Earth. 

Now imagine this golden thread comes out of the top of your head; your crown chakra.  It goes up through the roof, through the clouds, through the sky, out into the atmosphere, past the planets, and it anchors on the first star that you notice. 

Take a breath in and out and feel yourself floating between the star and the crystal.

Engage your imagination. 

Imagine you’re standing in front of the doors to a divine library; the doors open automatically and a guide comes towards you asking why you are here.

Tell the guide in our own words that you are here to consult your soul record for an answer to a question. 

Notice that the guide motions for you to enter the divine library; go ahead and step inside and walk straight to the library’s main counter. 

Behind the counter is the keeper of the soul records. Tell the keeper:

Your full name when you were born.

Your full legal name now.

Your birthdate including month, day and year.

Your birth place including city, state, country.

Tell the keeper you would like to consult your soul record to answer a question and repeat the question out-loud that you just created before you began the journey. 

The keeper of the soul records leaves to retrieve your soul record that contains the information that will answer your question. 

The keeper returns with the soul record and hands it to you. 

It’s a book. 

Take the book from the keeper’s hands and sit in one of the chairs in the library. 

Hold the book in your hands and notice how it feels. 

Is the book heavy or is it light?  What does it look like?   Is the outside made of leather or fabric or paper?   Is it embossed, painted or plain?  Are there any symbols on the book? 

Are there any ribbons hanging out of the book to mark a place?   Does the book look old or new?   Do the pages look like they have been consulted before or is the binding tight? 

Place your hands on the book while it rests in your lap. 

What does the energy of the book feel like to you? Is there a pulse? 

Is it buzzing is there a vibration? 

Is it still and quiet? 

Now ask your question with the book closed. 

What information do you receive now with the book closed? 

Whatever comes into your mind instantly is usually the information. 

You might see it as pictures or as a movie in your mind or as a faint memory or a daydream or a vignette. 

You might hear some sound; maybe it’s being delivered to you in a language or as music or as other sounds. 

Perhaps it’s a feeling or a sensation in your body. 

Maybe you’re receiving the information in the form of a replay of emotions. 

Maybe you smell something or you feel like you’re tasting something. 

All of these senses are delivering information to you and the book’s still closed. 

So just observe and notice what you’re receiving now.   

When you’re ready, ask the book to open or simply open the book yourself.  Turn to whatever page feels right for you. 

Look at the pages spread open for you ask your question out-loud again and wait for the answer to your question to emerge. 

And again you may experience this as one watching a movie across the pages. 

You may see signs or symbols, colors or sensations. 

The pages may speak to you or sing to you. 

Perhaps you’ll see it like a play.. and in the play will be your answer. 

You may see writing on the pages as though someone is writing to you. 

Remember whatever is happening, is happening for you. 

Don’t try to rationalize it. 

Just gather the information, the sensations the feelings the signs and symbols in whatever form it is delivered. 

Some of it will makes sense immediately; instantly and some of it will make sense in time. 

Take a minute here to receive the information from your soul record about your question. 

Soon it will be time to return the book. 

If you want more information or if you’re having trouble getting information; turn the page in your soul record and wait for a response to your question for additional information. 

It’s time to return your soul record to the keeper of the soul records. 

Close the book and place your hands on top of it for any last remaining transmissions of information or guidance. 

And get up from the chair and return the book to the counter and hand it to the keeper of the soul records.  Thank the keeper for helping you and turn around and walk back to the front doors of the divine library and step outside. 

Imagine yourself gently turning to the place where you started. 

Feel your body coming back home. 

With your eyes closed take a breath in and out witness a golden thread that’s attached to the star; have it unravel from the star and bring that golden chord back into your heart space. 

And now witness that golden threat that’s wrapped around the crystal deep inside the Earth and remove it from the crystal and allow it to retreat back into your heart space and take a breath in; take a breath out. 

Begin to flutter your eyes and make a return to this moment. 

Now would be a good time to jot down a few notes about your experience. 

And more importantly, jot down one action that you can take today or tomorrow that is a small step forward based on the information that you received in your soul record just now. 

You can revisit your soul record anytime you want; using the same method all on your own. 

If you want to learn more about your soul profile, you can ask these types of question next time you visit your soul’s Akashic Record:

Who am I?

How is my soul described in the records? 

What does my spirit love to do?

What brings my spirit joy?

What am I really good at? 

What can I share to bring joy to others?

And of course remember you can always go back to that general question I gave to you at the beginning:  What guidance to you have for me at this time? 

Do you want my help in understanding your soul?

If you have interest in diving deeper into the Akashic Records; learning about your soul blueprint; learning about the blocks and restrictions that may exist that need to be cleared in order for you to be realigned with your soul’s original point or purpose, I’d be happy to help you.  The next step is to understand Your Soul Blueprint.  

© Lisa Rose Lodeski, 2019