Journaling is a good way to tap into your higher-self for answers to questions you are pondering.  Simply sit with a blank of piece of paper, take a few breaths, and allow the thinking mind to settle down, and begin to write whatever comes to mind.  Be unconcerned with spelling, grammar, logic, composition and the like.  Just write whatever comes to mind.  Literally.  Orange.  Wind blowing.  Sunlight.  I’m tired.  Coloring Books.  Looking forward to the day.  I’m imagining myself kissing my lover.  Excited for the weekend.  I dreamt about a place I’ve never been. And so on and on.  You may find that suddenly, the tense changes after a few sentences or paragraphs.  It may feel as if someone is writing to you!  This may be your Higher Self.  It may also be someone else, like a spirit guide or guardian sharing guidance with you.    That’s what I call “Soul Ink”.  The download to your mind during journaling may be received as signs and symbols, pictures, patterns, words, doodles.  Draw these, too, on the paper.  You may receive a feeling or a physical sensation.  Write a description of what that feels like to you.  Read your entries or never read them again.  Whatever feels right to you is right for you.

I tend to look over my journal entries for patterns, synchronicity, confirmations, repeats, clues, and clarifications for lessons that are still coming my way or perhaps for a heads-up on what lessons are yet to come.  I like to do this type of journaling first thing when I wake up.  I grab the pen and get it down.  Sometimes it’s with my cup of coffee or tea, before I’ve had time to think about anything more.  Usually, it’s as soon as I open my eyes.  As you write, you’ll find there’s a natural pause that happens and that is the moment to stop, shut the journal, put the pen down, and realize the flow of divine information is complete.  Any attempt to continue is force, your ego’s desire to participate or pirate the experience.

Journaling may be done at anytime of the day, of course, but I found that when I journal in the evening, I end up with a full-tilt bitch session on days that were rough, or the writing becomes a download of the day rather than a tapping into divinity for a flow of possibility, guidance and communion.  My own method is to pick up my beautiful, sparkly Swarovski crystal pen that I use just for my Soul Journal when I wake up, open to the next blank page, and start writing.  When I get to that point of a natural finish, I draw a line across the page, and I ask out loud, “What guidance do you have for me today?”  I always get at least a word and sometimes pages of guidance that are not necessarily answers to a question I have, but rather the inner knowing of what I need to be conscious of to move forward with my day, my ideas, my soul’s journey, or lessons to learn.  This isn’t a diary.  It’s a way to communicate with your divinity, your soul, your higher-self, your essence, your guides.  In the photo above, you’ll see I received an answer to my question.  It was “Use Your Mageic”.  I know how to spell magic.  M-A-G-I-C.  I considered why I had placed an “e” in front of the “i”, and quickly realized, I didn’t generate the response.  It came from a guide.  After a little research on Google, I came to the conclusion that this particular guide in service to me on this day is/was Welsh.  It appears mageic is a Welsh word for magic. That happens a lot!  Try it for yourself, and see what comes across the page in your “Soul Ink”.

Now it’s your turn!  I’d love to hear from you about your journaling experiences and what you’ve learned about yourself from your Soul Ink!  Leave a comment!  And if you find this interesting, share it!