In Conversation with Lisa Rose, Ep. 2, features transformational life coach, Tania Costantini Zimmermann.

Learn more from this interesting and informative conversation about how to attract your ideal partner.

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We specifically share thoughts and guidance on:

  • Misconceptions about attracting an ideal partner.
  • Clarifying what you desire now in your life and in a relationship.
  • Knowing if you are ready for a partner or just scared.
  • First steps to take when you feel ready to attract a partner.
  • Updating your wish list and remaining flexible for fast results.
  • Accelerating your process of partnership with coaching.
  • Intuition and it’s role in guiding you to a partner.
  • Working with vibration as a tool for readiness to engage the Universe as a co-partner in attracting a partner.
  • Rebuilding confidence in yourself after a disappointing or hurtful breakup.
  • Gaining trust in yourself to select the right partner.
  • Avoiding attracting an unhealthy or codependent partner into a relationship.
  • Maintaining your personal identity in partnerships.
  • Length of time to attract an ideal partner.
  • Healing modalities to help raise your vibration to the level of the emotions you want to experience in partnerships.
  • Travelers and partnerships.

Are you in a happy, loving relationship?  Share with us how you attracted your ideal partner in the comments!  We’d love to hear your story!