When my True Desire Mala arrived, I opened the package, and was immediately swooned by the fragrance drifting up from the black veil pouch holding the sandalwood beads and clear crystal quartz medallion. I wore them right away and noticed the scent of sandalwood floating around me after about 20 minutes. My body heat warmed the beads and they in turn released their scent. I love sandalwood and I love crystals so this ornament is perfect for me. I Love It!

I wear my True Desire Mala as jewelry, ornamentation, on my hands in meditation. I place it on my personal altar. Sometimes, I infuse the crystal with Reiki energy and wear it or place it somewhere as a prayer. I recently bought several more to gift, to wear in multiples, and to add to my stash of goodies for clients.

Click on the pic of the True Desire Mala above to land at Danielle LaPorte’s Shop where you can buy one for yourself or as a gift.  I believe you’ll love it as much as I do!