Sometimes, when I’m so busy that I begin to feel overwhelmed, I say f*ck it and spend the afternoon in my hammock.   And, poof! I’m no longer busy.  That’s how I manifest change just like *Snap*!  Here’s the cool part. When I get back to work, a whole lotta stuff resolved itself while I was gone, and the Universe adjusted the rest. How does this work?  By changing your vibe. You have to be what you want to manifest. Just before this particular selfie, I decided I didn’t like feeling overwhelmed so I stopped what I was doing, and became what I wanted to feel.  Free, unhurried, without pressure, relaxed, as if I had all the time in the world. So, that’s what I did.  I dropped into my hammock and stayed until I reached that state of change. Not a fake state, a real state of change. Afterward, I went back to work to discover shift had happened while I was swing’in on the ropes. Issues resolved themselves while I napped. Everything that seemed to be under a deadline somehow changed in priority. And the bonus was I downloaded an idea or two that propelled a back-burner project ahead.  The Universe will rush in to help you when You help You. Try this for yourself. Be what you want to manifest.

Be what you want to manifest. Tweet: Be what you want to manifest.  @trulylivinglisa