I’m going to pull a card for you. Ready? Here ya go!


Truthbomb Your Soul is Rooting for You


Ah, yes! I love this one. This luscious card is from Danielle LaPorte’s Truthbomb Deck. I originally purchased it for daily inspiration. Then I decided to attune the deck for divination and use it in my practice. And voila! A deck of cards that’s not a tarot or intentional oracle is now attuned to me and functioning as an oracle. Accurately, I might add. Yes. You can do this, too. I’m going to teach right here, right now, how to attune a deck of cards for divination.

Begin by selecting a deck of cards to attune for divination. Ok, wait a minute…I hear you. What the bleep is attunement? What the bleep-bleep is divination? If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll recognize the subject as an elective from the third year program at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. But that’s fiction. In the metaphysical arts, divination is a method for gaining insight about a current or future situation or event to be used as guidance. Lots of different types of objects may used for divination. Cards, sticks, stones, and so on. Attunement is the process of bringing you and the object, in this case a deck of cards, into harmony. Think of attunement as vibrational match-making. Once attuned, the cards are in service with you for guidance and are particularly useful when you’d like a quick read on a current situation.  Quick readings are often referred to as “pulling a card”, like I just did for you.

I use a variety of oracles in my personal and professional practice.  It’s easier if you select oracles that have guidebook explanations, particularly if you are new to employing oracle decks for guidance.  Any deck of cards, however, may be attuned successfully to work with you.  If you select a deck with shapes and colors, you’ll also need to use your own intuitive language of signs and symbols to decipher meaning of those shapes and colors accurately.  I recently started using the Truthbomb Deck because it’s different; inspirational, fun, and easy.  It’s been a wonderful addition to my healing arts toolkit.  If you feel inspired to buy a Truthbomb Deck for yourself, just click on the pick and you’ll fly over to Danielle LaPorte’s shop.  Easy.  Scroll down for instructions on how to attune a deck of cards for divination.

How to Attune Your Deck of Cards for Divination

Open your deck of cards and touch each one by fanning them a few times. Set your intention to clear the cards of all energy they may have picked up in transit between manufacturing and delivery into your hands. I do this using Reiki energy and a pendulum, but your intention will do the trick, too.

Now breathe in and out to clear your mind; set your intention to attune to the deck; hold the deck to your heart chakra with one hand crossed on top of the other; and remain in that position and space until you feel the attunement. It feels like energy running down your crown chakra (top of your head) through to your heart and into the deck. When the energy naturally dissipates, your deck of cards is attuned to your vibration. At this point, the deck is prepared and ready to be used as a divination tool.

The question I usually start with when first employing a new deck is “what guidance do you have for me today?” I believe you’ll find the card pulled is the one your question called out for and accurately provides insight for guidance. Be sure to clear the card pulled of any and all energy before placing it back into the deck. Hold your hand over the card and send your intention to clear the card directly to it and wait for the energy to dissipate before pulling your hand away. Reiki and dowsing are also good ways to clear out energy from the card, too.  There are many ways to attune an object, this is the method I’ve been using myself and it works for me.  Try this for yourself!

I love hearing from you!  Post a comment below and share your attunement and oracle experiences!