Give a kid a break!  Create an internship for your next project!  Hire a student for meaningful work experience.  Lots of college students are on summer break looking for jobs, opportunities, connections, experience.  Today, I hired an intern to assist me with a new project I’m working on with a non-profit organization.  It’s a collaboration and the event will be a retreat for women at a luxurious property in Scottsdale, Arizona, in November (deets soon!).  And I need help because this girl is busy!  So.  I thought about what I could do to get some help.  And then I went to a party at a friend’s house and learned her daughter was home for the summer from college.  In a split second, I remembered a conversation I had with her daughter in December about her desire to be a corporate event planner.  Bingo!  Camille started her internship with me today!  Insert happy dance here!  Here’s a selfie Camille took of us today while she was showing me how to use Snapchat.  Yeah, she knows stuff.  A lot of stuff.


Here’s why I am writing this blog tonight.  I want to encourage you, maybe inspire you to create an internship for your next project and hire a college student.  Not to babysit; not to mow your lawn; not to scrape scum off your pool; not to move your crap from room-to-room; and not to serve you some food.  A real, meaningful assignment with good pay that reflects their value and current skill level that they are bringing to your project.  Yes, it is a special relationship because internships are different that “jobs”.  There is a mentor-quality to the gig.  I will spend time explaining, teaching, and encouraging my intern to grow, experience, and contribute in ways that are new.  And, she will teach me patience, turn-me-on to new perspectives, help me see things through her fresh eyes and likely get me Snapchatting My Stories.  I’m buzzed, and she’s got a project to add to her resume plus some cash.  When I ran a non-profit in the Bay Area a million years ago in the art biz, I hired interns, sometimes a handful of them and found corporate sponsorship to pay their stipends.  This is way easier.  I just pay them.  Nobody to convince.

I thought as a parting thought I would share my negotiation skills for stipends.  I said “how much would you like to be paid”.  She hesitated for a moment and I knew there was a wondering of self-value, so I said “what is your value; just tell me the first number that drops into your head”.  She did.  It was the same number I had in my head.  We’re going with that.  Easy.  Pay your interns fairly.  They bring more to the table than you may be first aware.  Here’s the thing, folks –  We’re all students and we’re all masters, all at the same time.

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Tweet: We're all students and we're all masters, all at the same time. We’re all students and we’re all masters, all at the same time.