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Getting To Know Your Soul, Podcast


Getting To Know Your Soul with Lisa Rose

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Kelly and Maggie at Strong Body Whole Heart asked me to join them for a guest spot on their podcast this month to talk about the soul for their series on spirituality.  The time flew by talking about my favorite subject!  The Soul.

How do you describe yourself?  Mother, wife, daughter, doctor, teacher, nurse, coach, father, husband, son, lover? These words describe the experiences your soul chose to have as a human.  That’s not who you are at soul level! Understanding who you are at soul level requires you to connect to your soul, dig deeper, to sense the essence of who you are beyond the physical.  I describe my soul as happy, positive, sparkly, all lit up!  And that drives everything I do in this incarnation.  My soul purpose is to inspire.  And so that is the mission of my life and biz.  To inspire you.  Your soul purpose and characteristics will be unique.

As part of this podcast, I’ll take you on a guided journey to your soul’s records in a meditation.  You will be able to discover the essence of who you are soul level, what brings your spirit joy, what it is that you are good at and here to share with others.

Listen in to learn about:

My spiritual journey.

The difference between intuition and soul work.

What you may discover about you and your soul in a soul coaching session.

Discovering who you are at soul level with a guided meditation in the podcast.

Journaling as a tool for self-inquiry and discovery.

I also share my thoughts in answer to questions such as “what is the soul?”, “how can you discover your soul purpose?”, “how can you connect to your soul?”.

Press the button on the player below to listen to the podcast!

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