The Energy of Planning activates and accelerates your ability to manifest.

I used to really dislike sitting down and planning the next year because I like to be spontaneous.  Once I became practiced at manifesting, however, the connection between what I was thinking about and what I was manifesting couldn’t be ignored.  It wasn’t was I was doing so much as what I was thinking that became my reality in the near and distant futures.  I applied that concept to planning and it works beautifully.

Now planning is one of my favorite things to do toward the end of each calendar year.  My process is a bit different, however.  I don’t write a list of goals and dates to achieve them by.  I set aside a big block of time, often an entire day or night, and use ritual to create sacred space before sitting down to ponder my thoughts, feelings, desires and why I want what I want in the next year before thinking about to-do’s and dates.  I work with my intuition, my spirit guides, and I call in the help of The Universe to guide me as I begin to create by thinking about all the possibilities on how I can get where I want to be at the end of next year.

I found that when I plan in this way, the priorities emerge, the goals reveal themselves, and over the year I work out tasks and dates and finish lines so I have the most flexibility possible in case the Universe has something better in mind for me than I had planned.

Click to watch this class I created on the energy of planning, and to see a few planners that I like to use to stay organized, too.

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