Drop A Pebble Into Your Pond, Truly Living with Lisa Rose

In my practice, I hear a lot about This and That. If only he or she would do this or that; if only the people at work would understand that or this; if only my family wouldn’t do this or that. A lot of time is spent hoping, explaining, and justifying how things would be so much better if “they” changed. I’ve found over trial and tribulation, trial and error, and with frustration and bewilderment, that things don’t really change when forced. They sorta look like they do, maybe at first, but it’s a facade. A mask. You’re told what you want to hear, but change never happens. Rather, the status quo goes underground or behind the scenes to operate without you. The solution in my experience is to withdraw your energy, go inward, and decide to be the change you want to see.

The only person you can change is yourself. Small changes count. Changes in perspective, thoughts, desires, attitude, actions in line with what your heart desires will change what comes your way. The right people, places and situations for you will begin to emerge seemingly as luck. When you change, everything around you changes, too. Maybe not exactly as you imagined, but it does change. It has to. Every action causes a reaction. Imagine dropping a pebble into a pond. The first thing you see is the tension on the water surface change in direct response and proportion to the stone dropped. It reverberates outward affecting everything in its path. What you don’t see is what takes place beneath the surface. The unseen changes. The pebble drops to the bottom, kicking up some dirt, sand, and debris causing the fish and plants to move out of the way. In turn, that action causes more movement in the pond world. Change continues straight across the pond in all directions to it’s shoreline. Another shift takes place as the microcosmic world of the shoreline reacts. More water comes ashore, sand is moved, insects run, organisms regroup. When you make a change within yourself, it may be seen as a subtle difference on the outside, but the inner change, and the vibration that goes outward from the new you, is affective. You’ve got the power! Drop a pebble in your pond.