Create A Life You Love with Intuition as Your Guide Online Course

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Create A Life You Love Online Course

This self-study program will support your desire to create change in your life with intuition as your guide and your soul as your pilot.

Experience more confidence, contentment, and pleasure in your by life by making new choices to create your own happiness.  It’s a shot of self-empowerment, mini-coaching and training to get you to step into your role as curator of your own contentment.

This is the same step-by-step process I use to create change and reinvent myself, which I’ve done many times, and you can, too!  The course is organized as a 5-day course but you can go through it at your own speed!

Daily Topics

Day 1:  Discover Your Discontent & Desires.

Day 2:  Inside Out!  Trusting Your Decisions with Your Heart & Intuition as Your Guide.

Day 3:  Create A Life You Love Leap!

Day 4:  Refinements & Adjustments and Managing Your Fear of Change.

Day 5:  Truly Living You!  Engaging the Law of Attraction.

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