Usually, I’m here supporting you in your personal life. Today, I’m here to blend that support to you as an entrepreneur, or in your business life.

I understand it may seem easier to put your business first and your health last. But what I’ve found to be true is how you choose to do one thing is actually how you do EVERYTHING.

I remember when, not too long ago, I was up half the night working mostly because I liked the spontaneous nature of my creativity, but found that my practice of doing what I want when I want was leaving me scattered, catching up, and at times overwhelmed, not to mention tired. Regularly I turned down invitations to play and found myself working through the weekend. That left little time for my spiritual practice, meditation sessions, exercise, or relaxing. I find that happens A LOT with people who love what they do. So, I changed it up a bit. I tuned-in to my intuition for guidance on how to best serve in my practice with time to spare, and was guided to do less, keep regular hours, and enjoy more! Now, I’m focused on being in service in a specific way with time to spare for relaxation and I have a lot less stress.

A few weeks ago, Holistic Health Coach, Jade Jaime, invited me to speak on her interview series regarding conscious entrepreneurship. She’s been watching me via social media for awhile and was interested in how I use my intuition, and design my life led by my soul.  The series is called:

The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit: Creating a Life You Love on Your Own Terms Through Holistic Health, Confidence and Joy

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend!

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When you sign up, you’ll receive the video series in your inbox.  Starting January 21, you’ll receive 3 videos a day for 7 days.  Pick and choose which topics interest you most.

This event was created for entrepreneurs (but I believe everyone can benefit from the teaching/sharing in this summit) who are ready to acknowledge that their performance in their business as well as overall in their life is directly correlated to how well they take care of their health on a holistic level.

There’s an old paradigm still present that directs a separation from what’s business and what’s personal, but what I know is that a healthy business or career is more possible with a healthy, happy personal life. That’s what it means when you hear the term holistic business or a holistic life.

The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit is a gathering of 21 experts in the field of Holistic Health. Together, we want to help you navigate the stresses of owning your own business in a NATURAL way. We are gifting you the tools to create balance between a successful business and a healthy body, mind and soul.

I’ll be speaking about trusting your intuition in life and business and will demonstrate an exercise on how to understand your body as an intuitive instrument.  My episode lands in your inbox January 26!

This is a great opportunity for anybody in the community who is an entrepreneur, CEO, or high-performing business executive. This is a resource I wish I had when I was first creating my business.

Claim your FREE seat for The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit here:


See you there!

Lisa Rose