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It’s one of those moments you never forget. The day one of your spirit guides tries to get your attention in a big way.

For me, it happened in Barnes & Noble, a bookshop, in 2009. I was standing in the metaphysical aisle looking and thumbing through books for about an hour. I had just closed my practice as a private art dealer and was wondering what I was going to do next. I’d always dabbled in metaphysics. You know, ghost stories, intuition, astral travel, spirit guides, angels, remote viewing, oracle cards, soul work, astrology, and the like. I’d been intuitive since I was a child but never considered it a profession.

And then it happened.

I felt someone pass behind me and I heard a book drop onto the floor. I turned around, looked down and on the floor was a book. I never heard of the author or the title so I picked it up and placed it back on the shelf, and went back to my browsing. I heard a book fall to the floor. My heart skipped a beat, the hair on the back of my neck rose, and I slowly turned to look knowing I was alone in the aisle. Same book. And it landed in the same place. This time I picked up the book, put in my cart and said out loud “I don’t know who you are or dropped this book, but I got the message. I’m buying it and will read it cover to cover over the weekend.” And I did. And, I found my first teacher in intuition development and spirit guides. Her name is Sonia Choquette. I called her office that Monday to ask if she offered training. Just so happened a class was starting in a week in Chicago and there was a seat available. I didn’t think twice. I felt guided to my new teacher and my new profession.

This is how working with your spirit guides can help you in times of change, transition, transformation. With ease, directing you, nudging you and guiding you with options. I was wondering what I was going to do with my life next, and one of my spirit guides dropped a book in my path as an answer.

Ever since I learned how to connect with my spirit guides, my life has been easier.I’m more confident in my decisions, what I desire comes to me more quickly, and I never feel alone in my troubles.

You, too, have a team of spirit guides waiting for your request to be a part of your support team. All you need to do is learn how to connect with your spirit guides and work with them.

I created a new online course, Connecting With Your Spirit Guides, to help you meet, connect, and work with your spirit guides whenever you feel like you need a little or a lot of guidance.

I’ve been working with my spirit guides for a long time now, and I’ll share with you the same techniques that I use to connect to the spiritual realm for guidance.

Benefits of Connecting With Your Spirit Guides include:

Self-empowerment. Confidence. Comfort.

Knowing you have loving guides to help you in life’s journey.

Sense of peace that comes with being understood.

An ability to get answers and guidance to your questions and concerns that lead to actionable steps you can take to create, manifest, or solve problems you are experiencing.

As a result of going through this course, you’ll understand that you have a loving, spiritual support system to help you whenever you need it by request.

With that will come a sense of peace, confidence, and trust in yourself and your decisions.

The course is currently open for enrollment and the content of the course will be released September 23, 2017.

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How would your life be different if you had help from your spirit guides?

I hope to see you in the course!