Clearing crystals with Reiki and dowsing is a practice that is part of my prep work for a Reiki session.  Crystals hold energy and need to be cleared of residual energy before being included as a tool for Reiki sessions.

Watch as I demonstrate how I use dowsing to first check my crystals for lingering energy and then use Reiki to quickly clear and cleanse the crystals.

Note!  The pendulum doesn’t do the work; it’s a piece of wood on a chain! The pendulum is a tool, a visual aid, that I use to interpret my intuitive guidance.  I also use dowsing to double-check my work.

I clear my crystals before and after every session.  This set of crystals was selected by me intuitively to use with a client for a Reiki with Intuitive Guidance Session.  Your session with me would likely include a different set of crystals.