What Others Think About You Is None Of Your Business

"What others think about you is none of your business" is an empowering concept and statement. It's also the best advice I ever received to create a happier life! Understanding the meaning of this statement will instantly relieve stress by returning you to a state of authenticity and freedom.

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Manifesting Quickly with Your Intuition Leading the Way

Manifest quickly with your intuition leading the way. Trust your intuition and act on it, even if you are not sure exactly where it's going just yet. Take that step forward by saying yes to your intuitive hits and more will unfold that leads you to the next step. This is also the key to manifesting in alignment with your higher self!

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How to Differentiate Between Spirit Guidance and My Thinking Mind?

In this episode of Lisa Rose Q&A, I explain the difference between receiving information from your thinking mind vs. receiving guidance from your spirit guides or angels. I also talk about the difference between spirit guidance and your natural intuition and how to get the best information and guidance for you to use in decision making.

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