Clearing Crystals with Reiki and Dowsing

Watch as I demonstrate how I use dowsing to first check my crystals for lingering energy, and then use Reiki to quickly clear and cleanse the crystals before a including them as a tool for a Reiki session.

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Lisa Rose Q&A: Communicating with Your Spirit Guides, Part 3

A specific technique I call "Journaling in Soul Ink" is the focus of this episode of Lisa Rose Q&A. Click to learn how you use this technique for to start conversations with your spirit guides and receive answers to questions you'd like to ask of the spirit world.

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Lisa Rose Q&A: Part 2, Communicating with Your Spirit Guides

Contacting, connecting, and communicating with your spirit guides is easy when you understand how to do so. In this episode of Lisa Rose Q&A, I talk about the easiest way to access your spirit guides, how to ask questions, what to look for in terms of signs and symbols that arrive from your spirit guides in response to your questions and a general overview of how the process works.

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What Is The Cost Of Letting Go?

Why do we sometimes hang onto things way past their expiration date? In this video I share with you my thoughts on the cost of letting go and how to do it.

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Lisa Rose Q & A: How Do I Tap Into My Intuition?

Lisa Rose Q & A: How Do I Tap Into My Intuition? In this episode I share with you tips on how to tap into your natural intuition for practical use in daily life.

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Lisa Rose Q & A: When Did You Realize You Were Intuitive?

Welcome to Lisa Rose Q & A! I created this series to answer your questions! In this video I describe my early metaphysical experiences and the moment I realized I was Intuitive.

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Lisa Rose Q & A

Lisa Rose Q & A is in production! Pose your question and I'll post my vlog response! We'll be co-creators! This series is driven by one question: What would you like to ask Lisa Rose?

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Releasing Rose Petals For A New Purpose Is A Sensual Delight

Releasing rose petals for a new purpose is a sensual delight. Watch how to easily release petals from their buds to enjoy their scent in your home as well as your bed.

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Small Changes Can Make A Huge Difference In Tough Times.

Ever feel like throwing in the towel? Hang-in there! And here's why. Small changes can make a huge difference in tough times. Just when you're ready to give up is the moment of opportunity.

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Everything Holds Energy! If It Doesn’t Bring You Joy, Get Rid Of It!

Everything holds energy. Editing your material world down to only that which brings you joy is one of the best energetic clearing practices you can do. Have a look at the object that brings me joy on this day and why it will stay in my material world.

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