My Favorite Planners for 2017

A review of my 3 favorite planners for 2017. Learn what I love about each; how I use them; and how they helped me in my biz and life.

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Lisa Rose Q & A

Lisa Rose Q & A is in production! Pose your question and I'll post my vlog response! We'll be co-creators! This series is driven by one question: What would you like to ask Lisa Rose?

February 11th, 2016|Categories: Guidance, Inspiration, Lisa Rose Q & A, Videos|2 Comments

Releasing Rose Petals For A New Purpose Is A Sensual Delight

Releasing rose petals for a new purpose is a sensual delight. Watch how to easily release petals from their buds to enjoy their scent in your home as well as your bed.

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Small Changes Can Make A Huge Difference In Tough Times.

Ever feel like throwing in the towel? Hang-in there! And here's why. Small changes can make a huge difference in tough times. Just when you're ready to give up is the moment of opportunity.

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Everything Holds Energy! If It Doesn’t Bring You Joy, Get Rid Of It!

Everything holds energy. Editing your material world down to only that which brings you joy is one of the best energetic clearing practices you can do. Have a look at the object that brings me joy on this day and why it will stay in my material world.

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Art Journaling For Relaxation and Creativity

Art journaling is a fun way to relax and tap into your creativity. Here's a peek at my art journal where I draw, scribble, doodle, cut-and-paste, and write daily.

October 24th, 2015|Categories: Inspiration, Videos|4 Comments

Give a Kid a Break! Create an Internship For Your Next Project!

Create an internship for your next project and hire a college student to help you out for a meaningful, fairly paid, experience be it corporate or personal.

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