Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone who felt instantly and uncannily familiar? Whose warm energy seemed to wash over you like a soft summer rain, in a way that felt almost nostalgic?  Chances are, it was a Cancer gal.

Born between June 21st and July 22nd, these gentle and disarming souls fall under the fourth sign of the Zodiac and are governed by the intuitive energy of the Moon. As a water sign, not only do their own emotions run strikingly deep, but they are also profoundly attuned to the emotional energy of those around them. Cancer gals perceive their world through a vivid emotional spectrum, making them the true empaths, nurturers, and protectors of the Zodiac.

Their essence, element, lucky color and gemstone can be visualized as a compassionate mother goddess rising from the depths of the ocean with long, shimmering white hair and strings of rubies, radiating healing energy all around her under the opalescent light of the full moon.

Cancer gals embody feminine Yin energy. They are highly introspective with rich inner lives, vibrant imaginations and a novel creative flair. Coupled with their keen connection to the subconscious, these ladies are exceptionally artistic, and thrive when they are freely able to express themselves.

Nothing is more important to the sentimental Cancer gal than her home and family, and indeed there is nothing that gives her greater joy than bringing together her loved ones and close friends. She is the ultimate matriarch — keeper of family traditions, stories, and recipes, as well as a peaceful home that is always warm and welcoming.

Cancer gals tend to be introverts, and in social settings may be a bit shy. While she quietly observes her surroundings and takes her time feeling out the energy in the room, she probably won’t be the first person you notice at a party — but if you are lucky enough to strike up a conversation with this dreamy and somewhat mysterious lady, her natural grace and the substance of her words will surely captivate you in ways that will hardly be soon forgotten.

In Relationships

Cancer gals have no interest in superficial relationships, so if you are on the prowl for a casual one night stand, you’d best keep moving along. Just like their sign, the Crab, these ladies want to feel safe and secure before they “come out of their shell,” so to speak. They are romantic at heart and appreciate sentimentality, so you are sure to get her attention with flowers, poetry, love letters and displays of affection — so long as the thought behind it all is genuine. Above all else Cancer gals seek authenticity and intimacy. They crave a deep emotional connection with their partner and will not be happy without one, so be prepared to back those trappings of romance up with a willingness to be truly open and vulnerable with her; If you are, she will be unwaveringly loyal.

In fact, Cancer gals are often said to be the most loyal signs in the Zodiac. Once she is attached, she is attached. Unfortunately, this means she is also often loyal to her own detriment, and her generous and sympathetic spirit is prone to being taken advantage of. If anyone falls into the pattern of putting her needs last for the sake of someone she loves, it is a Cancer gal. That said, when she is hurt, she will hold grudges longer than any other sign just as well!

In the Bedroom

Cancerians enjoy gentle kissing, cuddling, though they come off as shy and somewhat reserved, remember that everything she feels she feels intensely, sex is no exception — if she is comfortable with her partner she will be passionate, erotic, explosive, creative and available both emotionally and physically in oh-so-many unexpected ways.  Her performance, crafted quickly by her keen ability to scan the emotional landscape and deliver exactly what her lover desires, doesn’t start below the belt.  Cancer women have a fire in their eyes, a soft touch, and a gaze that brings out a desire to provide and protect in their partners.  Loving deeply, she enjoys being the giver in the bedroom and knows it’s powerful.  When can I see you again? is heard less than I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7 by Cancer gals!

Relationships, with deep respect, love, security, care, protection and commitment are what Cancer gals want.  There isn’t anything more satisfying than creating a beautiful nest to share with her partner/family.  Talented creatives and interior designers, Cancer gals fill their homes with furnishings and objects that delight the senses.  Just the right lighting, pillows, comfortable beds and sofas, glass cabinets filled with curiosities, and photographs or objects they love and wanted to be surrounded by.  When you walk into a Cancer gal’s home, you’ll feel at ease, entertained, safe, and somewhere there will be something special just for you, particularly if she’s been expecting you.  The caretaker in her takes care of all the details to create a peaceful, sensual, welcoming environment that you can settle into quickly and just be yourself.  And this includes the bedroom, of course!  Here you’ll experience the earthly delights.  Adult beverages, toys, and pillow talk.  Relax.  You’ll be staying awhile.  Cancer gals aren’t into a rough pounding followed by a roll over to sleep.  They are in it for the long, rhythmic haul taking great pleasure in every stroke creating a lot of water, the crab’s natural habitat.  It’s not unusual to find them in tears of joy after an orgasm.

As young adults, Cancer gals too easily confuse sex with love and often use it as a vehicle for self-expression especially as a young adult.  What she’s really looking for is affection, and giving it away too easily can become a negative pattern and form of emotional rescue.  Truth is, she doesn’t have a casual crush!  She’s all in and very comfortable pouring her heart and emotions out to a partner willing to entertain her for an evening or weekend with loads of attention and affection in return for a little nooky time.  Sex is emotionally healing for Cancer gals, and they’re happy playing with all the wrong ones until the right one comes along who provides the safe haven she craves emotionally, spiritually, and physically, in that order.


Cancer gals take their work seriously and show their employers or clients the same degree of loyalty that they do to their loved ones and will always go the extra mile to be of service. Because they are highly sensitive to their environments and the emotional energy of those around them, they typically prefer positions where they are able to work more or less on their own as fast paced and high stress environments may be too overwhelming and quickly lead to burn out.

Cancer gals thrive in one-on-one roles where they are able to give their work their undivided attention and utilize their innate nurturing abilities. They make fantastic caretakers, healers, counselors, social workers, and nurses, or anything that enables them to engage with children — which is where they truly shine — such as pediatricians, daycare workers and teachers. Their creativity and love for making a house a home also makes them talented interior designers.

How to Spot a Cancer Gal

C- Compassionate

A- Affectionate

N- Nurturing

C- Contemplative

E- Empathetic

R- Romantic

Celebrity Cancer Gals

Princess Diana, Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, Margot Robbie, Mindy Kaling, Malala Yousafzai, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Kristen Bell, Lana Del Rey, Cindy Lauper, Carly Simon, H.E.R.

Research and co-writing of this blog by Claire DelGrippo, editing and finishing touches by me.

In the pic:  Linda Gusick-Dunbar, an amazing interior designer and thoughtful, caring, bestie-friend.  That’s us at my home in Hawaii where she’s traveled all day, many times, to visit me from Pennsylvania.

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